What You Should Know Before Trying To Sell Your Art

Sell Your Art
Artist painting artwork at workspace

As an artist have you ever think about selling your art work for money. If you are creating beautiful art pieces and looking forward to sell them but don’t know how to make a move for selling, then here are few tips for you to sell your art. As an artist you need to work like a flower to create an art piece which will attract the customers like a bee.

Set The Best Price To Sell Your Art

First thing which comes in the mind of an artist is what should be the price of a particular art work. Set a price for your art according to the efforts and time you gave it. Remember one thing that doesn’t undersell your art. By placing a price tag on your art you are making your clients to value and appreciate your efforts and talent.

Sell Your Art

Add Details Of Your Artwork

Add details about your art work if your art piece is having lots of details which could not be interpreted in your full scale images. Add these details on your website, art gallery and social media. Do not leave an art work unnoticed.

Update Your Credentials To Sell Your Art

Keep your credentials up to date like an about page of your website, Biography, Resume and other pages. Show your clients the most recent career achievements. Tell your customers about your upcoming events and exhibitions which you are going to attend and add the important and popular links to most visited page of your website.

Advertising Your Art On Social Media

Learn how you can advertise your art on social media. There are many tools which will help you to get your objectives by developing a great advertising plan. You can learn it by watching their video tutorial and set up an advertising campaign, from researching your audience and choosing a campaign type, to crafting engaging visuals and copy.

Be Your Own Best Marketer

Social media is a great way to advertise your art work but what if you are not socializing with the people around you. Be more social, attend social groups and always introduce yourself as an artist. It will leave an impression on the other people. Be your own marketer.

Working With Galleries

For newbie, it is a good opportunity to work with gallery as they are able to get your art work out with a larger audience than you will able to reach yourself. While working for an art gallery keep in mind that they will split the profit and sometimes it take 50% of your work’s price.

Create Your Art Website To Sell Your Art

To reach more audience, develop a website and sell directly through it. Keep your website up to date; show all your art work over there. Your contact information like email address and other details must be up to date and easy to search on your website. Show your available work with its price so that interested buyers can easily see it and contact you for that.