Top 7 Free Project Management Softwares

Project Management Softwares

Project Management softwares are used for planning, execution, scheduling, and managing the resource tool and developing estimates of resources. Managing different projects at a single moment is a difficult task to perform. Sometimes, miscommunication in project management leads to confusion and spoils the interest of the clients.

But thanks to the free project management softwares, you will be able to keep your team as well as a project on the track. This tool has plenty of benefits that lessen the burden of employees and employers too. Here is the list of free project management softwares that you should use to save your time.

Project Management Softwares

It directly connects your team with the client. You can also note the time that you invest in the explanation of the project. It provides numerous project views, such as Kanban view. With the help of this software, you can quickly as well as easily invite either an internal user or an external user.


It offers the features as well as task managers that are beyond your thinking level. You can manage the various projects at the same time. You can use the free tools of nTask that will give the professional touch to your project. The user can explicate several things like the role of the team leader, milestone, budget, time tracking, and many more.

Freedcamp – Best Project Management Softwares

This project management software blend of features that are designed for professional as well as personal use. The feature of a powerful calendar contains all the information on upcoming events. The integration of third parties, including Google Calendar, Google Drive, and many more.


You can easily organize your project on the Kanban board. It can be used by any person. Even freelancers use it to plan their orders, teams, and many more. You can arrange the list of tasks as per the schedules.

MeisterTask – Best Project Management Softwares

You will be attracted by the feature of the MeisterTask. It makes your project attractive with the vibrant color lists, wallpapers. You can easily check all the tasks on the personal toolbar. Even one can effectively plan their projects with the help of a map.


If you want that tool that has a feature of the timer, then it is perfect for you. With the help of this feature, you will know how much time you spend on each task. It includes the feature of Pomodoro that reminds your team about the break for enhancing productivity.

Asana – Best Project Management Softwares

Are you worried about the division of sections? Then choose Asana. It offers the feature to divide the projects into the different sections as well as sub-lists. With the help of the toolbar, you will get the information about which task is completed or which is pending. You can also add this project management software on the list.

In the end, make your projects effective as well as well synchronized by installing one of the above project management softwares. The above software is easy to use as well as free.