Top 7 Best Chrome Extensions For Developers

Best Chrome Extensions

The best Chrome Extensions are the best tools for web developers to enhance their productivity. On the other side, chrome is the best web browser and easier to use; however, its performance as a part of browser testing is also constructive. So, here we will discuss the top 7 and best chrome extensions for the web designer.

Best Chrome Extensions

Ghostery – Best Chrome Extensions

This privacy extension is best to get rid of annoying advertisements on a website. Moreover, this extension not only blocks 3rd party website but protects your data with its tracking protection. In addition to that, you can customize its dashboard to view any relevant information. Therefore, this fantastic privacy extension gives you a pleasant browser experience.

Checkbot – Site Auditor

With this award-winning site-auditor extension, you can check more than 250 URLs per site. Furthermore, this is very useful to check many more things on browsers like invalids HTML/CSS/JS, duplicate content, WEB Speed, SEO, Securities issues, etc. Apart from that, you can optimize and secure your websites with the help of this extension. And as SERP ranking is vital to get proper attention to the website, it will help to website slay Google SERP ranking.

Marmoset – Code Snapshots – Best Chrome Extensions

Another fantastic chrome extension through which you can make excellent code snapshots. Besides, if you want to make your social media attractive with beautiful graphics, then Marmoset is the best tool for creating an amazing graphical representation.

Clear Cache

If you want to clear browsing data and cache quickly without any confirmation button, then Clear Cache is the best extension for you. On the other hand, with this fastest and easy extension, you not only customize how much cache you want to clear but can select the categories for the domain to remove cookies.

Hacker Tab – Best Chrome Extensions

If you like to learn new things for your internetwork, then this extension allows you to learn about trending open-source projects. So, Hacker Tab provides you a list of all new projects whenever you open a new tab. Moreover, the best thing is that you can switch in any schedule according to you as well as in different languages.

Chrome’s Web Developer

A pretty handy tool for developers and programmers which allow doing much more. So, this extension provides you a little toolbar, and you get some great tools in this toolbar. Therefore, these tools help you in many ways, like to find broken images on a page, easily add outlines to elements and display rulers, etc.

Page Ruler – Best Chrome Extensions

This extension is very useful and important for developers as well as designers. With this excellent tool, you can measure perfect pixel dimensions and set the positioning of any element. Furthermore, you can quickly inspect individual elements with its ruler image, which it draws on the screen. And also view their dimensions.

Bottom lines

So, these are some of the best chrome extensions which will help you to raise your productivity and save time.