Top 5 Features Of Onedrive For Business

Onedrive For Business

Onedrive for business is an integral part of SharePoint Server. In this current time, it is the best file sharing application for business people. In this, users can store, sync, and secure their essential content such as crucial documents files, work files, material related to business.

Onedrive for business also offers the flexibility that is helpful for them in work, collaboration, and updates. It protects the documents that are stored in the system. In addition to that, it has several features that are beneficial for users. Users must know the features of Onedrive. Here is the list of features of Onedrive for business.

Onedrive For Business

Free Storage – Best Feature Of Onedrive For Business

When you use the one drive, you will get the feature of 15GB free storage space. In addition to it, you can also earn the extra free storage space too. Therefore, you do not need to worry about storage. You can store up to the file of 15GB. You can also find out how much space is left in the one drive.

Advanced Sharing

This app is basically designed for sharing and storing the documents with the security. The sharing system of one drive for business is advanced. You will get the latest feature of sharing after the updates. You can easily share your documents from one drive to the other users directly. You can also add the element of permissions. In addition to it, you can also limit the external sharing for particular users.

Great Mobile Experience – Best Feature Of Onedrive For Business

With the help of updates of one drive for business, work productivity is also increased. Android can access their files offline. It is simple to access the documents. Firstly, hold the finger on the document, and you will get the numerous options related to it. By these options, you can share the documents.

PDF’S From Your Smartphone

It is also one of the best as well as useful features for the users. You can easily make the PDF’s of your documents. In addition to it, if you want to draw, add and highlight the comments to the PDF’S. Take the benefit of this feature and make the attractive PDF’s.

Delve – Best Feature Of Onedrive For Business

Delve is basically the strong machine-learning tool that finds the relation between users and documents of the organization. It takes the signals from One Drive and sends it to the areas of Delve within Office 365. 

In the end, the above main features make one drive unique. It has become the most popular app among users. Usually, business people find the problem in sharing as well as storage. However, this app has not only storage but also provides flexible sharing. Even you do not need to be on your internet connection.

You can easily access the files without it. In addition to it, it is your duty to update the one drive from time to time. Each and every update comes with the unique feature. Therefore, lessen your burden of files with one drive for business.