Top 10 Games To Make You Feel Happier

Top 10 Games

There can be various reasons why you need cheering up. Due to a hectic lifestyle and office schedule, you can boost up yourself with these top 10 games. Whatever ails you, after playing these games, you will surely feel better and be motivated.

So, get ready for some heart-warming awesomeness and try these top 10 games, which will make your day marvelous. Let’s have a look into top 10 games: –

Top 10 Games


This is one of the surpassed, and gorgeous games for the PS3 that you can quickly finish is a couple of hours. After playing this game, you will get immense satisfaction as this game is full of small puzzles, sweeping landscapes with mesmerizing soundtracks.

Overall, you can say that the narrative of the game is straightforward, and while moving forward, you will overcome the challenges of the game like you do in life. This thing will give you motivation.

Loco Roco – Top 10 Games

This is another game that can make you happy and motivated. In the starting spring with some horrible trick, kill all the fortunate souls. But after that, these little fellows take the revenge.

Super Mario Galaxy

Super Mario Galaxy is another good choice game for the individual. After watching a clip of the game, you will surely like it and want to play it to make your mood evergreen and amazing.

Animal Crossing – Top 10 Games

In this game, you will get a pun when you catch a fish. Animal Crossing is an exciting and mind-blowing game that will make your every moment heart touching. It is a type of garden where you can grow vegetables, flowers, etc.

World of Warcraft

Surely after playing this game, you will feel best. After slashing zombies and collecting shines will brighten up your day. On the other hand, if you are feeling very low corp in eve is the best option where you can say hi to everyone and say I am having a great day.

Dead Rising 2 – Top 10 Games

In this game, you will see humanity is everything. You can take revenge from people while thinking positive and saving people. If you believe that people are harming you play this game, and you will get enough motivation.

Strawdew Valley

When you see that nothing is going according to you, then that’s the right time to play this game. A small act of this game can make everything manageable.

Crazy Taxi – Top 10 Games

In this game, you will get to see a scene with an indestructible yellow cab, people taking a sunbath at the beach, etc. This game is like amusement that can make your day lovely.

Rock Band

Music acts as therapy for everyone. The game Rock Band offers music in a very interactive way.

Viva Pinata: Trouble in Paradise

It is a game of Pokemon in which you have to make animals play their own and have fun.

Final thought

After playing these top 10 games, you will feel amazing and motivated and make you do your work in a perfect manner with optimum results.