Top 10 Amazing Indoor Party Games For Kids

Indoor Party Games For Kids

Kids always love parties and they always fond of unique party ideas. Gifts and other things become so much common for the kids and now they love something extra in their life. Are you planning to have some indoor party ideas? If yes, then today in this post we will discuss the best and all the top 10 amazing indoor party games for kids. So, just have a look below to have complete information on this aspect.

Balloon Burst

Balloon burst is very much common and kids also love such games. When you are planning party for the kids whose age is more than 4 year, then this idea is the best for them.

Paper Boat Racing Game

This is the most amazing game for kids when you are planning party for the kids whose age is above age of 5 years. For this age game, you must have a paper boats and a tub which is filled with water. With the help of the straw the kids have to run the paper boat.

Musical Chairs

Musical chairs are very much common and very much interesting game among the kids. And the kids of any age love playing this game. Even though, adults can also play this game as well.

Indoor Party Games For Kids

Balloon Pop

Balloon Pop is the other name of the most-exciting game, which is especially for kids. Even though, adults can also play this amazing game. Enjoy this game along with the loud music to have more entertainment.

Passing The Parcel

Passing the parcel is very much interesting game for kids. When you are planning for indoor games, then this is the best game to choose.

Carrying Marbles With Spoon

Placing tables to be apart from each other and telling kids to reach to the other table while keeping marbles and spoon in their mouth.

Bowling Alley

Bowling Alley is the best and the most exciting game for both of the adults and the kids. You can add more variations in this game with the help of the music. You can use bolls with different sizes as per the age of the kids.

Three-Legged race

If you are having great space indoor, then you should try this interesting game. By combining two kids along with each other and making two legs out of them. Make this game more interesting.

Escape The Monster

This is the most exciting gamr of the kids who are having age more than three years. The major aim of this game, is not getting the kids to get caught by the monster.

Minute to win it

You can give only 1 minute of time to win any race. This game can be sketching or painting.


At last, we hope that you have understood all the ideas of indoor party games for kids. You have to keep all these things into your when you are having no time or having budget to go out.