Tips To Reduce Page Load Time In WordPress

Page Load Time

Page load time term stands for the average time it takes to show the page on the screen. In this present time, WordPress is mostly used as a platform for the management of content. It becomes the popular choice of the masses.

The reason is that it is easy to access. When the page takes a lot of time to open, users lose their interest in the website. There are several factors on which page load time depends. Now the question strikes in mind is how to reduce page load time in WordPress. Here is the answer to your questions. There are the following tips that you can apply to reduce page load time in WordPress.

Page Load Time

Uninstall Unnecessary WordPress Plugins

The primary reason behind the slow downloading time is an excessive amount of plugins. They create loads and make the website heavier. Excessive plugins have directly affected performance. It is better to remove extra plugins.

Optimize Images

Images also exploit the server bandwidth as well as enhance the rendering of the page. Non-optimize images reduce the loading time. When you upload the image, optimize the image for WordPress. Do not use a larger image than your expectations.  You can use several tools like image optimizer and many more.

Ads Matter For Page Load Time

Advertisements are essential for websites. But on the other hand, they also have a negative effect on the loading of pages. Hence, one can also use text links to boost the speed of the page. Instead of depending on third parties, use the locally hosted images for the promotion of offers.

Enable Caching

The benefit of WordPress Caching is it saves the time of static files like images on the device of the user. Due to it, when the user looks for websites, then the page will load faster. In addition to that, it is easy to enable cache on websites.

Clean The Database For Page Load Time

WordPress saves the data whether you require the data or not. For the purpose of enhancing the website, clean the draft posts, spam comments. By this, your database will clean, and it decreases to the minimum size.

Use Lazy Loading

The other way to reduce the loading time is to use lazy loading. This process includes the loading of images. In addition to that, when the users use your website and scroll down, further images are loaded.  So, install the BJ Lazy load plugin.

Hosting Provider For Page Load Time

You can use either the GTMetrix or ByteCheck to examine the performance of your server. In addition to that, it requires two steps. First, paste the URL and select the analyze option.

In the end, pay attention to the size as well as the loading time of the page for better performance. The speed of the server plays an essential role in influencing the performance of the website. The above tips are fruitful for you. If you find any problem related to page load time, then use the tips mentioned above.