Tips On Creating A Good Domain Name For Your Website

Tips On Creating A Good Domain Name For Your Website

A wrong choice of domain can create lots of trouble to your business. Your domain name identity on the internet, so it must take few hours in consiration before you goes for the one. Choose the domain for your website which matches with your business name and business type, as well as it must be each to remember and search.

Why Is Your Domain Name So Important?

  • Your website URL is the first thing a visitor will notice and remember. If it is short, simple and something which is striking then good domain can make a positive and lasting impression on a visitor.
  • A good domain can affect your SEO. Exact match domains strategy is no longer but still if your domain have your keywords, it can help your SEO ranking.
  • A right domain can help you to create your brand awareness among your customers.
  • It defines your brand.
Tips On Creating A Good Domain Name For Your Website

How to Choose the Perfect Domain Name that gets Results.

Use The Right Domain Extensions

Always go for the .com extension. According to experts, 47% of domains have .com extension. The reason for choosing .com extension is that people are more familiar with this and it is by default they will type .com in the end of the domain if they are not sure about your domain extension.

Choose A Brandable Name

Go for brandable domain instead of generic. Getting a brandable domain is difficult to find but you can create yourself while generic domain is stuffed with the keywords. There are lots of examples of brandable domains like “ and” Google and YouTube don’t have any meaning but still they are reminded by everyone.

Keep It Short, Simple, And Predictable

Select a domain which is short and simple. Do not use any hyphens, underscores, any other punctuation, or complicated words as part of the domain. Try to avoid numbers in your domain unless it is necessary and already in your business name. Keep the spelling of your domain simple. Don’t use complicated spellings as people can mistype it.

When Stuck Use Domain Name Generators

If you are stuck in the search of that perfect cool domain which belongs to your niche, represent your business name then take help from domain name generators. These tools are very helpful and easy to use. You only need a single keyword and these will show you tens of results.

Buy The Common Misspellings Of Your Domain

If you can invest a little more on domain then buy the common misspellings of your domain. It may increase your annual domain bill but it is helpful. Once you have bought those common misspelling of your domain then you can redirect them to your domain.

So now you have the tips to create a good domain name. If you are thinking about buying a domain then use the above tips and you will end up with a good domain name for your website.