Tips For Taking Pregnancy Test At Home

Pregnancy Test At Home

The pregnancy test at home can be done by any woman and almost every woman used those pregnancy test kits to know whether she is pregnant or not. To know the result of the pregnancy test at home is the easiest way of knowing the answer. The women who have used that small white stick filled with urine samples know the emotions and praying for the desired result. Women get emotional at the time of pregnancy test and try to check whether the result is accurate or not. However, most test kits provide accurate results.

Here Is The List Of Tips On How You Can Do A Pregnancy Test At Home.

Buy a Pregnancy Test Kit: The pregnancy test kits are available in almost all the drug stores and you can buy them over the counter without any prescription. Before buying the test kit, check the expiry date of the kit otherwise the results will not be accurate. To buy the test kit, one does not need any ID proof.

There are various kinds of test kits available in the market digital and non-digital, read carefully about them and then make your choice.

Pregnancy Test At Home

When To Do Test?

While many test kits claim that their results are accurate before the 4-days of menstrual cycle. If you are doing the test before the starting of your new menstrual cycle then try to do it with the early morning urine sample as that is the time when the hCG hormone is most concentrated in urine. With morning urine samples you will get the most accurate result.

Read The Test Instruction Carefully

Before starting the test, read the instructions carefully. Women get anxious and want to try it as soon as possible but wait for few minutes and go through the test instructions. Before entering the bathroom and assuming that you can do it without reading the instructions, you are wrong. You need to know the time limit of the test that is how much time you will get the result.

Take A Watch With You To Count The Time.

You might think that you can count the time and you don’t need any clock or watch but when you are locked in bath to do a home pregnancy test then you cannot estimate the time, so take a clock with you. There might be instructions like you should read the results before ten minutes then you can read them at 8 or 9 minutes.

Use A Small Container To Collect The Urine.

The newbie try to hold the pregnancy test in the urine stream and could not make it due to the wrong directions. Take a small container to collect the urine and then put the urine in the test kit.

What To Do After The Positive Test Result?

After getting a positive result, the first thing you need to do is calling your doctor to make an appointment.

If the test is negative and you had done the test before the missed period then wait for few days and try after you miss your period. If you are still getting negative results then call your doctor and schedule an appointment.