Tips For Creating A Mobile Friendly Website

Mobile Friendly Website

With the huge web traffic, creating a mobile friendly website that is easy to use is complex. A mobile-friendly website is a site that is designed, optimized, and developed for the users on the mobile. The users want that material, which is easy to view or readable. If the pictures are small and they are not able to read your content, they irritate and leave your site.

So, it is tedious to create a responsive website that fulfills all the demands of users. Different mobiles have different sizes as well as formats too. So, follow the below-mentioned tips while you create a mobile friendly website.

Mobile Friendly Website

Size Matters For Mobile Friendly Website

When you decide to create a website, then keep the size of the image as well font in your mind. Most sites have small buttons that require a lot of time to click on it. Make sure that the size of the button is at least 44px. So that users do not click on the wrong option. When the font of words is small, then the user finds the problem in reading. Due to it, the user gets irritated. So, make sure that font size should be a minimum 14px.

Do Not Use Pop-Ups

The browsers of mobile do not support the pop-ups. Small pop-ups irritate the viewers. So, it is better to avoid pop-ups while designing the mobile-friendly website. In addition to it, do the same thing with the refreshes to avoid the limited device cache of mobile. Viewers can also refresh the page.

Decrease Text Entry Of Users For Mobile Friendly Website

It is difficult to add the text to mobile websites. So, use the button instead of text entry. With the help of it, users can easily select the option they want instead of writing a long text. When you create a website on mobile, you do not have a keyboard and mouse, so make sure that users get the same experience as desktop users.

Simplify The Design

Free your mobile website with unnecessary material and simplify the design to establish stability. Create that site in which the user does not find the difficulty in accessing. It can be done by avoiding the inclusion of frames, tablets, as well as formatting. Simple the website is easy to use for the users. Hence maintain a balance between the content of the website as well as navigation.

Divide The Pages Into Sections For Mobile Friendly Website

Adjust the Lengthy sections into small texts. Place these texts on different pages rather than a single page. It will prevent the problem of continuous scrolling. Do not fit the inappropriate content on your website. If you do this, users will lose interest in your mobile-friendly website. In addition to it, carefully examine the image scaling.

In the end, give the users tremendous experience by applying the tips mentioned above. Users usually demand a website that requires zero struggle to use. So, fulfill all the demands of users. With the help of these tips, you can design that website which is mobile as well as desktop friendly.