The 7 Best Fitness App In India

Best Fitness App
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Are you suffering from an unhealthy lifestyle and seeking the best fitness app that is available in India. As everyone knows the three golden rules to stay fit and healthy is to eat healthy food with proper nutrition, stay hydrated and exercise regularly. This is the best way that would make you look ten years younger and will keep you away from the diseases.

Apart from the mental nourishment, these apps are quite helpful and work as a personal trainer that would guide you what exercise you can do and provide you with a diet chart according to your diet requirements. Moreover, these apps will also remind you to follow your workout regime so that you may not be able to miss your workout session.

Without investing too much money in the gym, you can train yourself at home and stay fit and healthy. In the following, we’ll give you detailed information about these apps along with their names.

Best Fitness App

Regular Fit-Fitness App

You can find this service on every mobile phone whether they are from various companies. Fitness tracking is a fantastic app to track your workout routines. It is the best service for the people who want to invest their time in working out at their homes rather than going to the gym.

Runtastic Running Distance Fitness App

Runtastic running distance and fitness tracker is the perfect app if you are looking for something that can track your daily running, cycling, jogging, etc. this is one of the most demanded apps among the people who love to exercise daily.

Night Training Club- A Fitness App

The main feature of this app is that this app is equipped with more than 185 workout routines to gear up you with strength, endurance, and mobility. If you are dreaming of a perfectly toned body, then this app will help you in adjusting yourself to proper training plans.

Map My Fitness Workout Trainer

If you want to track all of your workouts, then map my fitness workout trainer is the perfect app for you. Moreover, it is a brilliant app to train yourself to have a healthy and fit body. It can get synced with more than 400 devices ad imports all your data and information in one place.

Runkeeper Workout App

GPS track run-walk is one of the best android app used by 50 million people across the globe. You can use this app if you are a beginner or a trainer coach. If you are planning to stay fit then install this multi-functioning app without any second thoughts.

Strava GPS: Running, Cycling And Activity Tracker

Strava is a fantastic app if you want to track fitness through cycling. This app will guide and train you to achieve your targets and will keep you motivated. This app motivates you to accomplish the monthly challenge and encourages you for healthy compensation.

Sworkit Workouts And Fitness Plans

Sworkit workouts and fitness plans are the best apps if you are too busy to go to the gym. This app will plan your workout routine and will work just like your gym’s trainer.