Thailand Visa For Indians – Visa on Arrival

Thailand Visa For Indians

Planning to visit the Thailand from India & don’t know the procedure of Thailand Visa For Indians? Find all the information for Thailand Visa For Indians. Thailand is one of the most famous destinations for travelers. It is located in Southeast Asia. It is a fact that Thailand is the home of many beaches, martial arts and tourists find it interesting. The most amazing thing to do in Thailand is to visit ancient royal palaces, antique things which are impossible to see in other country and most important ornate temples displaying features of Buddha.

The currency of Thailand is Thai Baht and the dwellers of this country are known as Thai. It has numerous resorts for tourist, if you’ve ever been eaten the Thai food you’ll know it’s a rewarding experience. Due to this reason, Thailand is also known for its delicious food.

Thailand Visa For Indians

Importance Of Thailand Visa

Well, everyone knows that is important to get a visa, transiting from India to another country. Thailand is a southeast country and located out of India’s region. To explore some ports of Thailand or for any business purpose, travel visa up to 30 days can be issued to Indians.

There are three types of Thailand visas which are Thailand Normal visa on arrival, Thailand e visa or electronic visa on arrival and Thailand Normal visa.

Normal Thailand Visa On Arrival

Are you planning to visit Thailand but no more than 15 days? Then, this is the best option for you to apply for a visa to explore the beautiful ports of Thailand.

Thailand E Visa

Thailand e visa is also known as an electronic visa and ‘e VOA’ which is recently implemented by the Thai government for the Indians tourists. The big advantage of it is that one can apply for their visa online without waiting in a crowded queue.

Thailand Normal Visa

Thailand Normal Visa is one of the visas if you’re live in Thailand for more than 30 days at that time you have to apply for Thailand’s normal visa generally known as Thai Visa at the Royal Embassy.                     

 Now, we’ll discuss some of the documents which are important for Thai visas

Passport is must for filling application of tourist visa

Passport size photo of the candidates

Proof of funds that you have(20,000 Baht per family)

Filled application form to get the visa

For E visa on arrival

Fill the online application form as per requirements and pay the payment via credit card

Receive document through Email

Must have passport while entering the country

As per your requirements, you can apply for one of these visas. But, in this tech-savvy era, the modern generation always looks for the things which they can get while sitting at home. So, Thailand Electronic Visa is one of the most preferable visa types by visitors. Expect Thailand you can also apply for Malaysia, Phuket, Phi Phi Island, and Bangkok. Thailand’s capital is Bangkok which is famous for its organic oils for massage, attractive beaches and it is included in most beautiful countries of the world. This is the country which contributes itself to meet human beings with nature.