Disadvantages Of Mobile On Children

Disadvantages Of Mobile
Small kids using a tablet

Smartphones play a vital role in our lives and we cannot imagine our lives without our smartphones. On our smartphones, we watch movies, access our social media and listen to our favorite songs. Besides us, our children are also connected with our smartphones and they also love smartphones more than that of us.

If you are among such parents who let their children use their smartphones. Do you know that disadvantages of mobile on children? If no, they today in this post we will make you clear the disadvantages of mobile on children. So, just have a look below:

Disadvantages Of Mobile

Harm Brain Activity

The Mobile phone uses electromagnetic waves for making the users communicate with each other. These waves get embedded inside the brain of the children. As per the recent studies, it has been observed that the children after watching mobiles for around 2 minutes can impact their brain activity.

Occurs Sleep Problems

Sleep is very much important for a person especially children. If a kid, will play outdoor with their friends, talk with the others, which can make them feel fatigued and restless. But if they only access smartphones, then they will not talk with them any others and even they will not play with the others. This automatically makes them lazy which will make them to not have proper sleep.

Harms Academic Performance

Chatting between friends on phones is quite common among children. Playing on smartphones is very much increasing day by day. And this is impacting the education of children. Even they are also carrying smartphones while they are going to school. This makes them to not to concentrate on their studies.

Arise Medical Issues

Children always stick to smartphones. This makes them miss physical activities and get never choose to go out to have fresh air. This arises with harmful medical problems like depression and obesity.

Inappropriate Media

The Internet is the thing that is loaded with the various wrong things as well. With the help of smartphones, they can access the various wrong things which are completely wrong as per their age. With the help of smartphones, they can browse the websites, see images and send texts to others. This can completely harm them and decrease their mental awareness as well.


If you are using smartphones, then do make sure that your children will not access those phones. You can add some type of security code on your phone so that your kids cannot be able to access your phone. You can distract your kids to be the part of any activity so, that they will not use smartphones.

In case, if you are checking that your kids are still using the smartphones, then you make sure that your kids will only be involved in the educational activities. So, at last, we hope that you have cleared with the disadvantages of mobile on children and now you will restrict your kid using that.