Shahi Paneer Recipe – A Step By Step Guide

Shahi Paneer Recipe

Want to try Shahi Paneer recipe at home with easy tutorial then we will help you to provide step by step guidance in our blog. Well, Shahi Paneer was first originated in the kitchen of royal Mughals. Similarly the other Mughlai meals, it is made up of nuts and seeds, yogurt or cream, onions, spices, and others. Shahi Paneer is also considered the best treatment and you can see in India on every special occasion and event as well it is popular in many Indian restaurants and is made in several ways. Firstly, you must have all the ingredients which are important to add aroma in the Shahi Paneer.

Shahi Paneer Recipe

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Well, the tomatoes were not used as they didn’t exist in India during the Mughlai reign. But in modern times, you can feel the taste of tomatoes in Shahi Paneer as most of the restaurants now considered the tomatoes in their list of ingredients. The use of yogurt or curd elevates the taste of the gravy with an aroma of spices infused. The mixture of yogurt and tomato flavors makes this recipe’s gravy very tangy which can be balanced with the addition of the extra cream.

Easy Shahi Paneer Recipe Tips And Tricks

To make the Shahi Paneer, you need some ingredients such as ginger garlic paste, salt, red chili powder, kewra water, turmeric, Garam masala, oil, curd or yogurt, saffron, cream, cloves, cinnamon and cheese (Paneer). To add royal taste in a recipe, you need whole cashew nuts, almonds, green cardamom, green chili slit, and tomatoes. Now, let’s start to cook Shahi Paneer at home with the royal ingredients. Take a pan and add 2tsp oil and leave it on slow heat. For making the Shahi paste, onions and nuts can be balanced or sautéed in oil. Sautéing brings out the aroma of nuts and mild sweetness from the onions.

Now, heat another pan with 1tsp ghee (oil) and add green cardamom, almonds, cashew, and fry them until they become light brown. Along with this, add onions, green chili, and fry till translucent and leave them in a plate to get cool. Now, transfer them into a jar with a little amount of water and make a fine paste with the help of a grinder. In the same pan, add more oil to fry cloves and cinnamon for a minute. Don’t skip any of spices since we don’t have much Garam masala powder in this recipe. Add ground onion paste, red chili powder, turmeric, Garam masala, and salt. And heat it nearly for 3-4 minutes. Beat the curd to smooth with a fork and lower the flame and add it into the pan.

Add water and saffron to give it royal look. Stir and begin to cook till the curry thickens and you can see the traces of oil over gravy. Now, it’s the time to add Paneer cubes and cook it nearly for 4 minutes. In it you can also add deseeded slit green chili now for that distinct flavor, sprinkle kewra water and cream if using. You can now enjoy the Shahi Paneer with your dear ones.