Sexy Eye Makeup Tips and Tricks You Can Do In Five Minutes

Eye Makeup Tips and Tricks

You may have seen hundreds of eye makeup tips, videos, read tutorials and saved many social media screen shots on your mobile phone. Web is full of the eye makeup tips but you haven’t tried any of them yet, especially when you need to step out in five minutes. If your morning routine doesn’t give you much time to stand you in front of mirror then here is the eye makeup tips for you to do in five minutes.


Apply primer, just swipe an eye shadow primer, it may look like an extra product to apply but it will prevent your eye shadow creasing. For those who have oily skin, it is like live saver, as it will give a long stay to your makeup.

Eye Makeup Tips and Tricks

Light Shadow

To save your time apply a duo eye shadow which provide a neutral as well as complimentary hue to your eyes that is few shades deeper. To those whose tone varies from light to medium they can apply ream and caramel, if your tone varies from medium to then try to apply vanilla and espresso. After applying eye shadow you can apply lighter powers all over your eye lids using eye shadow brush.


To get the perfect winged eye, start from the outer corner, use a brown or bronze pencil to define your upper lash line. To ease the pressure, draw short dashes to get perfect line and make your lashes look fuller. If you make any mistake then erase it with a cotton swab.


Curl up your lashes to get the perfect curl, and then apply few coats of black mascara on the upper eye lashes with mascara brush. To get an eye-opening, fanned-out effect, split your lashes into three parts. Inner, middle, and outer. At roots, wiggle your brush, then comb through the tips.

Here Are Some Rules To Follow While Doing Eye Makeup:

  • The Old Rule: Keep your eye makeup and lipstick in the same colour and it will work well, don’t follow the old rule to play with either your eyes or lips.
  • To brighten up your eyes, frame them with highlighter. Tap a gold cream above the eyebrows and over your cheekbones.
  • If your mascara is still wet, to curl your eye lashes quickly push them up.
  • Draw the dots about two millimetres from your outer eye corner to get the perfect winged eye, and then connect those dots to your eyes lash lines.
  • To get the beautiful, dewy and healthy effect, use only creamed formulas shadows around your eyes.

Now you have the tips to get your eye makeup done in five minutes. Try these tips to get perfect eye makeup in shortest time.