Punjabi Style Aloo Gobi Recipe – Quick and Easy

Aloo Gobi Recipe

Punjabi Style Aloo Gobi Recipe, is an amazing dry vegetable dish with aloo and gobi. This basic dry curry goes superbly with roti on the off chance that you have some dal tadka as an afterthought is one of our most loved go-to comfort dishes. Punjabi Style Aloo Gobi Recipe is the Indian food recipe which helps to gain weight healthily. Aloo Gobi otherwise known as spiced cauliflower with potatoes is one of the most heavenly dishes in India. Punjabi Style Aloo Gobi Recipe is a well known Punjabi recipe that is made significantly more all-around known by Indian restaurants. It’s a dry side dish arranged with gobi and aloo with certain flavors. 

Aloo (potatoes)is solid nourishment to have in your eating regimen as it is high in protein, brimming with fiber and contains nutrient C and gobi (cauliflower) is very high in fiber, which is advantageous for general well being and it contains nutrient c also having high vitamin and minerals. Aloo is a well-known vegetable for weight gains, it contains more carbs that help unburned fats to the body. Indian dishes are very delicious and aloo-gobi is one of the tastiest dishes in Indian recipes. Punjabi Style Aloo Gobi Recipe is the epitome that makes Indian home cooking so unique. The thought with a short measure of time and a couple of flavors, anybody can make a dish that preferences.

Aloo Gobi Recipe

Ingredients For This Recipe

1. Cauliflower florets – 2½cups 

2. Potato slashed – 1 potato 

3.Red onion – 2 medium size 

4. Tomatoes – 2 medium, generally chopped

5.The paste of ginger, garlic and green bean stew – 3-4 tsp 

6.Turmeric – 1/2 tablespoon

7.Garam masala – ½ tablespoon 

 8.jeera – 1 tablespoon

9.saunf – ½ tablespoon

10. oil – 2 tablespoon

How To Make Punjabi Style Aloo Gobi Recipe

  1. First, Take a Kadai or overwhelming base container. 

2. Then, Include 2 tablespoon mustard oil. Let it heat well to smoking point. Remember that mustard oil bestows its flavor just when warmed to smoking, if not the taste will be odd. 

3. Add the jeera and saute for a moment. Then add the saunf and saute. 

4. Add chopped onions. Let it cook until it caramelized. 

5. After that, add ginger-garlic-chili paste now and cook for 1-2 minutes. 

6. add the turmeric powder, and then salt according to taste.

7. after this add chopped tomatoes and let it cook for 5 minutes. You may delicately pound the tomatoes and can likewise include around 2-3tablespoon of water, no more, to simply let everything mixed up. 

8. add potato now and saute on a medium flame for 3-5 minutes. You may add another tablespoon of water to cook the potatoes. 

9.put 1/2 tablespoon garam masala. 

10. add the cauliflower and mixed well to get the taste. 

11. Cook on low to medium, and wait for around 5-10 minutes until done. 

12. Trimming with ½ cup cleaved coriander.

13. Finally, the healthy Punjabi style aloo-gobi recipe is ready. 

Note: Adding ajwain is optional, but if we add then It’s good for health. It helps to digest the food.