Places To Visit In Bangalore With Family

Places To Visit In Bangalore

In the busy city like Bangalore, there are numerous places to visit in Bangalore with family. After the hectic schedule if you think to get some enjoyable time in Bangalore, then this city is not behind. You can easily plan innumerable trips around Bangalore starting from palaces, forts, lakes, waterfalls, hills, etc.

Best places to visit in Bangalore will make you spellbound as they are very astounding and amazing to see with the family. So, if you are looking forward to having a tour in Bangalore, this post will guide you in the best possible way. Let’s explore those places: –

Places To Visit In Bangalore

Tipu Sultan Fort

Famous for history and architecture is located in most crowded area showcases Tipu Sultan ethnic talent. It was built in the year 1537 by Kempegowda with mud bricks.

After that, it was modified by another person called Haider Ali and then completed by Tipu Sultan in 1791. In reality, it is built in Islamic style but has a home of Hindu God Lord Ganesha.

Shivagange – Best Places To Visit In Bangalore

This is one of the best places to visit in Bangalore. Actually, it is the hillock which is located near Bangalore and also regarded as the adventurous spot and pilgrimage centre. This place has a famous Lord Shiva temple. It is famous for trekking and most astounding scenic beauty.

Bangalore Palace

This Bangalore palace was built in the year 1884 by Chamaraja Wodeyar who have taken inspiration from England’s Windsor Castle. However, it is located at the centre of the city with Tudor style construction.

It is constructed in 430 acres with beautiful gardens and palaces. The best part is apart from tourist attraction; it is also used for conducting exhibitions and concerts.

Cubbon Park – Best Places To Visit In Bangalore

Expanded in 300-acre land was constructed by Richard Sankey, who is called the critical engineer of Mysore. This park has very astounding green parks and lawns that make it apart from others. Moreover, this park is one of the relaxing and calm places after the hectic schedule.

However, you can say this place paradise of walkers where you have the chance to see statues of personalities.

Kanakpura Adventure Camp

This adventure camp is located near to the lake called Hosadoddi, which is very famous among families. Moreover, if you love trekking and or any other adventure, then this place is perfect for you to enjoy your valuable time with family.

Various things you can do here are swimming, trekking, rappelling, canoeing, etc.

The Government Museum

Widely known for history and archaeology is built in the year 1886. The best part is, this museum has the rare collection of various periods. However, there are 18 galleries in the museum which showcases antique pieces of jewellery, Neolithic civilization finds, etc. In addition, that, you have the chance to see astounding sculptures and old paintings.

Final Thought For Places To Visit In Bangalore

Well, these are the best places to visit in Bangalore with family which will make you spellbound and surprised in a unique way.