Must Visit These 5 Ancient Cities in India

Ancient Cities In India

Like we all know, India is a land of diversity which has a very rich history and heritage of its own. It is one of the oldest civilization in whole world and has been ruled by several kingdoms, emperors and the settlements cab be traced to the Neolithic age. India is a home to a lot of world’s oldest and first things which can be date back to numerous centuries. So here is the list of top 5 Ancient Cities In India and the reasons why you should visit Ancient Cities In India.

Ancient Cities In India


Anciently known as Kashi and then Banaras, this city is sacred in the west bank of Ganga. It is estimated to be almost 3000 years old and has remained a significant religious destination for many pilgrims in India and for international tourists. The city streets lead to the other winding street, crowded ghats, and the fragrance of sacredness all around the city is some something everyone should experience.

Top Reasons To Visit

  • To Witness the mesmerizing experience of Ganga aarti.
  • To visit temples that are almost 1000 years old.
  • To visit Sarnath, the place where Gautam Buddha first preached after getting enlightened.


Known by many to be the setting of the Ramayana, this is city one of the most ancient places in India. This city is situated at the banks of river Sarayu, and was the capital of kingdom of kosala. This city is believed to be established by Manu, a Hindu God and is almost 9000 years old now.

Top Reasons To Visit

  • To visit guptar ghat, the place where Lord Ram drowned himself in ‘jal samadhi’
  • To visit Hanuman garhi temple, known by iconic 70 steep steps in the front of temple premises.


A UNESCO world heritage site, hampi is situated in the southern part of India, in the bellary region of Karnataka. In the days of glory, this city was the wealthiest one of all in India. Tiday, the ruins attract tourists and architecture enthusiasts.

Top Reasons To Visit

  • To witness the beautiful ancient temple
  • To trek in anjuna hills ans matunga
  • To relax near sanapur dam


A city known as the capital of cashew exports in India, also has other name like Quilon and desinganadu. It shares a wonderful history as it was center of trades and it’s port was frequently visited by Persians, Arabs, Romans and Chinese. It is worth noting that even today it is has plethora of attractions for nature lovers.

Top Reasons To Visit

  • To witness the view of palaruvi waterfalls.
  • To visit old temples of kollam.
  • To be on Blackwater cruises.


Located on the eastern indian state of odisha, Puri is a city you shouldn’t even miss. Also, called as the ‘temple town’, it is famous for the great ‘jagannath temple’, a major pilgrimage for Hindus. The old konark sun temple is also a well known temple which isn’t far from the city of Puri.

Top Reasons To Visit

  • To witness the sacred Jagannath Yatra, being held in the month of June/July every year
  • To explore the jaw dropping beauty of Puri beach
  • To visit the Jagannath Temple.