Inspirational Movies For Students In Bollywood

Inspirational Movies For Students

Movies always played a vital role in our lives, while some of the movies are not Inspirational as well as some other movies are Inspirational Movies. This all depends upon all of us that how we take particular movie on our life or what we can learn from the particular movie.

When we talk about the Bollywood movies, then there are number of movies that are motivational or inspiring for students especially. So, today in this post we will talk about top inspirational movies for students. So, just have a look below:

Inspirational Movies For Students

Manjhi – The Mountain Man

This movie released in 2015. This is the real story of the life of the Manjhi, who cut a mountain with the help of the hammer and a chisel. This movie is based on the positive thinking which made a person to reach to his goals. Under the guidance of the Ketan Mehta, this movie got such a great appreciation from the viewers.

I am Kalam

Whole World is aware of the name of Kalam and this is the movie, which is based on the life of the former Indian President Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam. This movie is produced by Smile Foundation. This movie is screened on 63rd Cannes Film Festival during 12th May 2010. This movie is complete life history of the APJ Abdul Kalam. This movie is based on the luck and hardwork of the great APJ Abdul Kalam.

I am Kalam movie delivers an inspiring lesson to the adult students and tell me how to fulfill your dreams with hard work.

3 Idiots

If you are an Indian and you love watching movies then, it is obvious that you must watched this movie. This movie is based on the life of the three students from whom you will learn a lot of new things. This is motivational movie and this delivers a message to audience about how you can get lessons from study and become a better person. This is great motivational movie for college-going students.

Nil Battey Sannata

This movie is based on story of the single mother, who fulfills the needs of her daughter who is a student. She taught her daughter math’s, who is weak in mathematics. She taught her daughter how to work hard and achieve good score in mathematics. This movie delivers a great message to those students who are weak in Mathematics. She wants to raise her child and give her status to live a new life.

Taare Zameen Par

Taare Zameen Par is very much inspiring for school-going students as well as their parents. This movie is based on life of the 8-year school-going student, who is lazy and weak. With the help of his art tea and weak. With the help of his art teacher, he learned great things. His teacher, helped him in education and added motivation in his life. I think every student must watch this movie.

So, watch these top inspirational movies for students in Bollywood to grab positive vibes in your life.