Indoor Activities For Family Entertainment

Indoor Activities For Family Entertainment

In winter and rainy season due to cold and rain outside, kids stay inside due to cold, snow, and rain. So what can one do to keep kids entertained while they are becoming restless to go outside for their fun games and entertainment? There are many amazing indoor activities for family entertainment which we can do indoor.


This is a fun activity for which you don’t need any fancy stuff. You can play this game with your kids. Use Popsicle stick cities, even buildings out of blocks or card towers or build indoor fort out of pillow or boxes. Make this activity more fun loving and entreating using your creativity. It will engage your kids for hours.

Indoor Activities For Family Entertainment

Play Magical Games

It will be fun to play a magical game with you kids. You don’t need to become an expert. Simply play the coin and cups magic by placing coin under the cup and shuffle them. Ask your child to guess the cup which holds the coin. See the happiness on your child’s face. Learn few more simple yet engaging magic and entertain you kids.


Enhance the cognitive, problem solving and creative muscles of your kids with puzzle. You can make yourself or simply buy. Let your kids solve this once they solve one give them another. This will keep them busy for a few hours.

Hide And Seek

The list of indoor games is incomplete without mentioning Hide and Seek. This is an interesting game and can play in a group. One person will close his/her eyes and count a loud while other player will hide. When the counting is finish he/she will start searching the hiders. While you kids are playing this game be attentive toward your kids.

Treasure Hunt

Kids love to get engage in activities and while there is some price they will put their best efforts. Make clues for your kids to hunt the treasure, put the first clue somewhere easy to find and which they find all the clues award they with a prize. If you want to be more creative then put something which your kids like with the next clue and this way they will try to find the next clue.

Indoor Bowling

Reuse your used water bottles to play this game. Line six water bottles up in your hall. You can fill the bottles with water if they fell down easily and put a tape on the starting line. If you don’t have used bottles then you can buy a indoor bowling set. The game will not only entertain kids but great for elders too.

Make A Collage

Download the pictures that you have clicked on your phone and print them so that your kids can make a great collage using them. Download all your fun and adventures photos and ask your kids to make a creative collage using their imagination and creativity.

So here are some great indoor activities for family entertainment which you can play with your family and kids. These games are interesting and entertaining for whole family.