How To Use WhatsApp On PC – Step-By-Step Guide

How To Use WhatsApp On PC

Curious to know about How To Use WhatsApp On PC so you have to get complete knowledge about the important features of the PC as well as about WhatsApp. With the advancement of technology, it becomes easy for every individual to do face to face conversation, voice call and most trending are chatting with the loving and near ones at any corner of the world. WhatsApp is such an app that pleases its server with great features like video call, voice call and chatting with 275 people at one time along with this you can also upload the pictures, music videos, etc.

How To Use WhatsApp On PC

Now, let’s discuss the step by step rules for How To Use WhatsApp On PC. Well, there are two ways to use WhatsApp and the first option you can use it directly on the Browser and the other is that you can download and install the app in your device. To install it, open google and visit the WhatsApp site.

In the present time, most of the laptop operating system is not older than Window 8.1 and you can’t install it into window 7 and window XP.

Installation Of WhatsApp On Windows 8.1 And Newer

There are three steps to install it:

  1. Search the official website of WhatsApp and download the page to get the .exe file.
  2. When you get the site in the download section of your PC and open the .exe file after complete the process of downloading.
  3. In the last, you can launch it and match the QR code and get what you want.

Installation Of WhatsApp On MAC OSX 10.9 Or Newer

  1. The first step is as the above step but the file you’ll get is different and it is .zip file. 
  2. After getting it open the zip file to start using WhatsApp
  3. After installing it, you can get it at the desktop dock or in the application folder.
  4. Match the QR code and you can easily use the app on your Laptop.

If you are such a person who always wants to online and also it is possible that smartphones can easily be broken and fallen, for security purposes you can download or use the app on your PC. There are a few steps if you want to use WhatsApp on PC without using a mobile phone.

The Blue Stack App Player For WhatsApp On PC

Firstly, you have to install the App emulator named Blue Stack App Player and then install one of its version Blue stack app players.

Download Thin Blustack App Player

To install you must have at least 2GB free space otherwise it will show you an error about downloading. On the other hand, if you have more than enough space on your device you can get the messaging area after installing it.

Install WhatsApp On PC or Laptop

For this, you have to select the WhatsApp from all the messaging applications and install them and then you can use it in your PC.