How To Use Android Apps On PC With Free Software

Android Apps On PC

Nowadays, it becomes easier to access android apps on PC with the help of numerous free emulators, mirroring tools and also with app players. It not only allows you to run apps on your computer but also helps you in playing games on PC. Furthermore, these free emulators help in developing your app and even remotely control system by using your PC.

In the niche, you will have ample of Free software which helps you to use or run android apps on PC, but they do not provide the installation guide to use. As a result, the user will end with the juggles of installing. So, here we are going to demonstrate with the tool of how you can run android apps on windows.

Android Apps On PC

Guide To Run Android Apps on Pc

To make you familiar with the steps of installing android apps on PC, we take an example of BlueStacks software which will help you in running app on windows. But before proceeding to the steps, let us take an in-depth look to the software first.


BlueStacks is a software of android app player which focus on playing android games on your windows. But it doesn’t emulate the overall android environment on the pc that you need. The best part of the software is that it is free and also easy to access. Furthermore, it is also available in a premium subscription version.

The tutorial will guide you on using free software program “BlueStacks” to emulate android apps on PC. All you need to follow these necessary steps of installing and also using the program to run android applications.

Steps To Install Android Apps On Pc

Step 1: First download the BlueStacks software .exe installation file

Step 2: After installing the BlueStacks next open the installation file and launch the BlueStacks

Step 3: Sign-in into the BlueStacks with your Google account

Step 4: After Signing in you next, you need to set configuration settings according to your needs

Step 5: Now last install the android apps via Google Play store or by APK installer.

Furthermore, with minimum setup system, it is easy to install and also functional for running android app on windows. However, you can also select a different type of stimulating conditions which based on several device pre-settings like Samsung Galaxy S8+ or more.

Accessing BlueStacks

The BlueStacks App allows you to optimize the performance of android apps on PC by various configuration adjustments. Meanwhile, if you want to add perk in your game play by broadcasting than BlueStacks also offers screenshot as well as recording options.

Furthermore, the software also comprises of the control tutorials for the first-time android game openers on PC. Enjoying android apps on PC and also to enhance your android gaming experience BlueStacks helps in installing the android apps on windows. One can also enjoy the other android apps by installing in similar ways and use them in their computers without interruptions.