How To Take Screenshots In Laptop – Screen Capture?

How To Take Screenshots In Laptop

The art of learning how to take screenshots in Laptop looks very promising and challenging in starting, or you can say mundane. But if you discover it, then it is an excellent skill which you must-have if you use a laptop. However, in many cases, the skill of how to take screenshots in a notebook can benefit your numerous ways.

For instance, you might have to show something to your boss or colleague regards to work. Or you have to capture something unusual on the screen, etc.

So, what to do think the art of how to take a screenshot in a laptop can be useful or not? Yes, it is as so through this article you will come to know about various techniques of taking screenshots in a notebook: –

How To Take Screenshots In Laptop

Taking A Screenshots In Laptop On Windows

If you are using Windows 10 or 8, you have to press Win plus print screen so that pic can easily save to the file. Means it will be saved in the screenshot folder of the picture folder. However, if the folder doesn’t exist, it will be created automatically.

On the other hand, if these keys don’t work, then press Fn+Win+Printscreen.

Windows 7 or Vista

So, if you are using Windows 7 or Vista, then you have first to press Print Screen. However, it is located between the F12 and the Screen Lock Key. On the other hand, if you are using a laptop, then press Function or Fn keys.

After doing this, the image will be copied directly to the clipboard, and you can paste the image in the document.

Taking A Screenshot On Mac

For Mac users, the function of the screenshot is also straightforward. If you want to capture the image and save into the file of the desktop, you have to press command+Shift+3. This way, the system will make a sound as the camera shutter, and the file will be labelled directly with the prescribed date.

On the other hand, if you want to copy the screenshot directly to the clipboard then press command+control+shift+3.

Snipping Tool App

This is another way to take a snapshot in the Window operating system. In this software, you can easily make all kinds of screenshots and also do editing. For taking pic via this tool, you have to search for snipping tool in the start menu of your Windows 10 or Windows 7.

Final Thought For Screenshots In Laptop

How to take a screenshot in the laptop has now become easy and practical, which will surely benefit you in many ways. So, whatever work you are doing take the screenshot and edit them to make the best out of it.