How To Start Cold Storage Business In India

Cold Storage

Are you interested in setting up a cold storage business in India? If yes, then you have reached the right place. Here you will come to know about the detailed business plan by which you can easily set up your business and earn a handsome profit.

However, the business of cold storage works on a one-time investment. It makes you remind that the initial investment of this business is quite high as compared to other businesses. But overall, if you talk about the business of cold storage, it is quite profitable and is surging day by day in India and all over the world. So, let’s start discussing the cold storage business plan: –

Cold Storage

Make A Plan

Starting this business needs strategic planning and careful implementation. That’s you must craft a smart business plan before taking any further step. Moreover, depending upon your investment, you have to set up your business size.

Thinking Of Location

This is the second step while planning for the cold storage business. as location plays an essential role in this business. This means you have to take your place near to the producing farm or consumer centers. The reason is if you are taking place near to the producer farm, then people will look will not far away place to make their produce protect.

Take Various Permissions And Licenses

Well, the business of cold storage needs lots of licenses and permissions. And on the other hand, all these also depend upon where you are taking land for setting up a business. One thing more, you have to keep in mind is to check for tax liabilities and compliances.

Investment In Starting A Cold Storage Business

The amount of capital wholly depends upon the scale of the storage unit. Nut, according to the experts of this field, if yore setting up 5000 MT cold storage, then the approximate capital you need is around three crores to 4 crores in Indian rupees.  Moreover, the cost of buying land is additional.

This means you have handsome money in your pocket, which you will invest in this business.

Build A Cold Storage House

As you are investing lots of capital in this business so ensure that you only consult an expert for building the house. After that, get the quotes from a reputed supplier and always choose right and branded machinery.

Promotion Is Success

After setting up, the next step comes is promoting your business through the right advertising. On the other hand, ensure that you start this promotion when you have started building the storage unit. Moreover, depending upon the thing, you want to store target the right audience so that they will come up to you for storage service.

Final Thought For Cold Storage Business

So, these above are the various steps of this business plan that will make your business profitable, and you can earn handsome money. But ensure before starting that you must have enough capital to start the business.