How To Make Coffee At Home Like A Professional

How To Make Coffee At Home

If you are stressed then a cup of coffee can set your mood, so how to make coffee at home that can make you feel better. There is nothing which is complete without a cup of coffee. You can always have a cup of coffee no matter what is the occasion and who is accompanied you. A date with your lover or a regular chit-chat with friends, nothing is complete without coffee. But when you go out to have your favorite cup of coffee it cost a lot. So why not try to make it at home. Here is the list of tips on how to make coffee at home.

Buy Fresh Whole Bean Coffee

To get a good cup of coffee, you must have good coffee beans. Buy coffee beans from the local coffee roaster and of you can’t find the one then buy whole beans and roast them by you. Whole bean coffee is fresh and holds more flavors than the grind one. So this is the best way to get the best coffee.

How To Make Coffee At Home

Put Your Coffee In An Airtight Container To Keep It Fresh

To keep your coffee fresh and away from sunlight put that into a glass or ceramic jar to keep it fresh. Coffee experts suggest that never keep the coffee in the refrigerator as it may cause moisture and coffee can lose its flavors. So always keep coffee at room temperature.

Grind Your Own Coffee

Coffee started to lose its flavors immediately after it gets grind. Don’t grind all the coffee at one time. Use only that amount of coffee to grind which you are planning to use.

Use Filtered Water

When it comes to making a good coffee then you must use filtered or mineral water. The true coffee lovers don’t compromise in the water while making a cup of coffee. Bad water or water that contains chlorine can ruin your coffee.

Clean Your Coffee Maker

Coffee beans contain oil in it and if you don’t clean them properly then the oil with get a deposit on the coffee maker.  Deep clean your coffee maker often to avoid the bad taste of the coffee. If you will not clean your coffee maker then your coffee with gets the burnt taste which you will surely not like.

Beware Of Heat

To brew coffee the heat plays an important role. If you overheat water then hotness will extracts the coffee compounds that will taste bitter instead of pleasant. So keep an eye on the heat. The best brewing temperature 45 seconds of a full boil.

Once the coffee is brewed and cool down then don’t reheat that, or re-boil, as coffee will not hold the flavourers for too long after it is brewed. Reheating or warming coffee will create a bad taste and foul smell in it.

So, now you know how to make coffee at home. You got the best tips to make the great coffee. Next time if anyone visits you, impress them with a cup of coffee exclusively made by you.