How To Get Flipkart Franchise In India

Flipkart Franchise

Are you interested in Flipkart Franchise? If the answer is yes, then it is mandatory to know numerous information and criteria. Flipkart became one of the most prominent, leading as well as trustworthy online shopping platforms in India. You will get a wide variety of items right from watches to laptop under one screen.

Apart from it, Flipkart relies on the third-party courier service. Blue Dart courier, DTDC, and many more are examples of third courier services. It helps Flipkart to deliver the product within the period. It is not easy to get the Flipkart franchise. Apart from it, here is some information by which you can gain knowledge about how to get a Flipkart franchise.

Flipkart Franchise

Via E-mail For Flipkart Franchise

You cannot contact the Flipkart team directly. If you think of applying the Flipkart franchise online, then it is not possible. You can send the requested email to Ekart. The team of Ekart will reply to the email within seven days or more. Not all the mails get approval.

The Cost Required

As every organization has its own rules and regulations, likewise Flipkart also has. If your email approves, you will have to invest around Rs 50,000 to 1 Lakh via Ekart. In addition to it, the given amount is not accurate. They will provide the details of the amount after your mail is approved otherwise not.

Space For Flipkart Franchise

All the things right from space to experience are considered by the company when they give the franchise to the person. If you are interested in opting for the Flipkart franchise, then you should have ample space for this. In addition to it, space should be approximately 400 sq ft to 700 sqft. If the land is rented, then you will have to show the documents of the rental agreement.


There are some basic requirements that you will need to fulfill to opt for the franchise. You should have a minimum of 3 to 4 delivery boys. Due to it, the parcel will deliver on time. You should also have an insurance policy as well as the internet, barcode recorder, scanning machine, and many more. A proper internet facility is a must. If the internet does not work correctly, then it will ruin your whole business.

Experienced Staff For Flipkart Franchise

The base of any franchise is the experienced staff. If you get the franchise of the Flipkart, then hire the experienced staff to make it successful. The first motive of Flipkart is to satisfy the customer with the quality and time to time delivery. Moreover, make your team.

In the end, the Flipkart team will give you the proper training, if your mail will approve. In addition to it, all the training material will be provided by the official authority of Flipkart. You should have to follow all the rules and regulations of Flipkart. So turn your dream into reality by considering all the points in your mind.