How To Find Out How Much Actual Traffic A Website Gets?

How To Find Out How Much Actual Traffic A Website Gets

If you are a visitor on some website so this is obvious that you don’t have the access of their Google Analytics account. So how would you know that how much traffic that website is getting and from where they are getting it. There are few sources from where a website drives traffic.

  • Which channels drive the most traffic?
  • Which sub-domains or subfolders get the most visits?
  • Which pages/posts pull in the most organic traffic?
  • Which individual keywords generate the most traffic?
  • How does this traffic engage with a website?

There are many ways to know the details of traffic. The deeper you dig the more deep analysis you will get. In this guide, we’ll show you how to check the traffic numbers of any website.

How To Find Out How Much Actual Traffic A Website Gets

All Website Traffic

To know the total amount of traffic a website is getting, check estimated engagement metrics, and breaks the numbers by device type.

SEMRush Traffic Analytics

You can use SEMRush traffic Analytic tool to get the competitive analysis which provides accurate and in depth data. In SEMRush you can find out the following data.

  • Total number of visits to a website in a month
  • Average visit duration
  • Bounce rate
  • Pages/visit
  • Traffic sources (Find out from which location a website is getting traffic from)
  • Find which social media platform is sending traffic
  • Find Paid ads traffic
  • Sub-domains along with traffic estimation


To get the traffic overview of any website, you can use the SimilarWeb tool. The tool offers a comprehensive details data about website and other necessary details like.

  • Traffic overview
  • Total visits
  • Avg. visit duration
  • Bounce rate
  • Traffic by countries
  • Search traffic
  • Social Traffic
  • Audience interest
  • Competitors & Similar Sites


Ahrefs is the best quality data provider which does deep analysis and provides accurate data. Here are the traffic-related estimates it gives you:

  • Estimated monthly visits from Google (worldwide);
  • Estimated traffic value (i.e., the equivalent cost of monthly organic traffic for the website or URL if bought via PPC);
  • Estimated number of keywords (in the top 100) that the website ranks for in Google.

So, here are a few tools which provide deep analytic data to its users. These tools provide free subscription as well as paid. If you want to create a traffic report then you can get it by buying the paid version of these tools. If you want to stick on the free version still these offer a great, deep and accurate analytic data.