How To Entertain Yourself During Any Meeting

How To Entertain Yourself

If you are the one of those who has to attend long, boring, and non-productive meetings every day, then you will thank us for this article. In every organisation, there are such meetings which are not productive and suck your productive time. So we have brings some suggestion for you on how to entertain yourself during a boring meeting.


If you don’t want to listen what is going on in the meeting and keep yourself awake, then you can draw anything. You can draw your favourite cartoon character from your childhood or your favourite show character. It will keep your entertain, focus and help you to wake up.

How To Entertain Yourself

Mentally Plan A Better Meeting

You can use your time mentally planning a better meeting in future. Just note down the points which make a meeting boring and then eliminate such things for the future meetings. Note down what makes a meeting more engaging and productive. It will save you as well as your co-workers who are also suffering from boredom in those meetings.

Annotate With Poetry

To keep yourself entertain, use the sentences which were said in the meeting in such order that it heard like a rhyme.

Act Like You Are Taking Notes

Taking note is a good idea, but if you don’t want to note down anything then just act like you are taking notes.

Daydream (The Best Way)

There may be chances that you may catch by your manager to other activities but no can wander into your mind and know what you are thinking. Daydreaming is the right way to kill your boring time. You can daydream about your project’s success or anything which keeps you motivated.

Complete Your Weekly Menu And Grocery List

If your meeting is extremely boring then you can make a list of your weekly menu and grocery shopping. Write down what you need and what you already have.

Craft Ideas For Your Next Blog Post

If you are a writer, then get some ideas for your next post. Think about the topic and what you will write about it. Do some productive work while the meeting is non-productive.

Draw Pictures Of Your Co-Workers

To add some fun and entertainment, draw the pictures of your co-worker. You can also draw the pictures of the meeting scene.

Make A List Of Things You’re Grateful For

Often in life, we take things or people for granted, so take this opportunity to make a list of things and people you are grateful for. You can add the name of people in the list to whom you want to say thanks for any reason.

Now you have the list of the things you can do during a boring meeting to kill your time.