How To Conceive A Baby Boy – Expert Tips

How To Conceive A Baby Boy

People often tell the stories about how to conceive a baby boy when asked to parents that what they like to have a baby boy or girl their reply they want a healthy baby and gender does not matter. If you already have a baby girl and want a baby boy then there are few experts’ tips for you. There are many theories rotate how to conceive a baby boy but beware of the false stories. Tips On How To Conceive A Baby Boy given below:-      

Know Your Cycle

Knowing about your menstrual cycle and ovulation is first step toward conceiving. When you are conceiving about baby boy it becomes more important. The best way to conceive the baby boy having sex at the time of ovulation.

According to the doctors the male producing sperm that is “Y- chromosome” moves faster than the X-chromosome. The male sperm dies faster and female sperm lives long and can meet with an egg that is why it is advised to have sex closer to the ovulation can increase the chances of conceiving a baby boy.

How To Conceive A Baby Boy

Download Period Tracking App To Track Your Cycle And Symptoms

There are plenty of apps available that can track your cycle. You can log into the app to track your symptoms.

Maintain A Healthy Lifestyle

It is extremely important to maintain a healthy lifestyle for both of you. To conceive a baby boy you need to be healthy physically and mentally. Avoid smoking and drinking before you try to conceive.

Try Different Sex Positions: To conceive a baby boy you need to say goodbye to missionary position and try to find out new more creative positions for sex.

The best combination to conceive a baby boy is the right sex position, correct cycle and timed intercourse. The deeper the penetration the closer the sperm will be of the uterus.         

Eat Balanced Diet

The key to conceive a healthy baby boy is having a great diet. Eat alkaline fruits which will help male sperm to swim easily as male sperm swim easily in an alkaline environment. Eat potassium-rich diet in breakfast. Eat green vegetables and avoid sugar and processed food.

Female Orgasm Can Lead To A Conception Of Baby Boy

Female orgasm plays a vital role in the conception of baby boy. While the female body reaches orgasm an alkaline fluid is secreted in the vagina and helps sperm to float easily. This can increase the chances of male sperm to hit the egg first. However, there is no scientific evidence of this but there is no loss to trying it.

The above-mentioned methods are conceiving a baby boy naturally and do not guarantees the conception of a baby boy. These are the natural methods and if you want higher chances of conceiving baby boy then you can go for the more scientific and medical methods.

You will have fun even if these methods do no guarantees of the desired result and most importantly, there is no harm in trying these methods.