Eye Makeup Tips You Need To Know

Eye Makeup

Eyes are the most essential part when it comes to makeup. Eyes are the most beautiful part of our face and if we use the right eye makeup tips then they it can create magic. To do the flawless eye makeup there are many things from eyeliner to mascara, highlighter to contour but you don’t need to get confuse between them. If you want those beautiful eyes which you have always seen on makeup tutorials then here are the best eye makeup tips for you.

Prepare Your Lids For Makeup

If you don’t want to face the eye makeup failure in the middle of the party then make sure you prepare your lids. Apply primer on your lids for the long stay of your shadow. A simple coat of primer can make your shadow stay for long and as well as crease-free. Remove any excess oil form the lids and then apply the oil free or matte base primer on the lids of both eyes.

Eye Makeup

Use Right Brush For Each Task

Anyone who loves to apply makeup knows the power of the right brush. The right tool for the task will make your job easy and enhance the pigment payoff. It is easier to blend with the right brush. With the help of the right brush you are able to add the definition and precision.

Choose A Wing That Suits Your Eye Shape

We know you love to apply eye liner to enhance the outline of your eyes. A right wing can make your eyes look bigger where as a wrong wing can make them look smaller and down.  If you want to fake bigger eyes then choose the right wing according to your natural eye shape and it will enhance the beauty of your eyes.

Highlight Correctly

Appling a highlighter will help you to create an illusion of lifted brow bone. A highlighter helps to open the eyes and if you apply them on the inner corners of the eyes it looks wider. To make your eyes pop apply a little highlighter on the centre of your lid.                              

Layer Your Liner With Eye Shadow

After applying perfect winged eyeliner layer it with eye shadow for those perfect cat eyes. If you want to make your eyeliner for longer then apply eye shadow over it. To make your job easier use a small angled brush for the precision, it will also help to fill any left pigment.

Use Good Mascara

To those girls who do not like the false eye lashes there is a tip for you to save your life. You nail your look just in three steps; eyelash curler, volumizing mascara with a feathered wand, and lengthening mascara with a plastic wand. To lift your eye lashes use eye lash curler, then apply the first coat of mascara on your lashes, it will help to thicken the lashes. After the drying of first layer add the second layer of mascara for adding definition, length as well as separating the eye lashes.