Easy Indian Evening Healthy Snacks For Kids

Indian Evening Healthy Snacks For Kids

Healthy snacks for kids are the most challenging work basically for Indian moms as they need something or the other every time they come home. This is not because kids don’t eat anything or they are hard to please; instead, they need variety every time.

That’s why moms are very concerned about the snacks of their children, especially when it comes to healthy snacks for kids. So, through this article, you will read about a variety of healthy snacks for kids in order to make them healthy and fit. Let’s explore and satisfy their taste buds: –

Healthy Snacks For Kids

Ragi Cookies Is A Healthy Snacks For Kids

These Ragi Cookies are filled with calcium and makes the bones and teeth of the children durable. The goodness of ragi and also cane sugar is the perfect meal for your kids as 100 grams of ragi contains 330 kcal of energy. This means it is also an energy booster.


  • Take 1 cup ragi flour and ½ tablespoon cardamom powder
  • Mix it in a pan and roast it for one or minutes
  • After that add whisked egg, ½ tablespoon salt, a pinch of dry ginger, ½ cup of rice bran oil in that mixer
  • Next, make the round balls of it by making them flatten
  • Finally, preheat the oven and then bake the ragi cookies at 180 degrees C

Corn Cutlet

These corn cutlet you can give to your kids in breakfast or as in the evening snacks they will definitely enjoy. However, you can offer these corn cutlets to your kids with sauce or can be eaten on their own they will taste amazing.

How you can make it: –

  • First, boil potatoes and corn
  • After that mash the potatoes and add every other ingredient except oil in it
  • Make the potato dough and leave it for drying
  • Now, take the half mixture and blend it in a blender and mix it with another half
  • Make small balls by making them flatten
  • Now put a pan on heating by adding one tbsp of oil
  • Toast that flattens balls in the pan till they become golden brown
  • Finally serve the corn cutlet with sauce or chutney

Oats Apple Crumble Is A Healthy Snacks For Kids

Oats are very rich in carbohydrates, proteins, and fibre; thus, they can make your child healthy and fit. On the other hand, Apple is also high in fibre that has polyphenols, that is an excellent antioxidant.

How you can prepare it: –

  • Take four large apples and make its thin slices
  • Now, put all those apple slices in a pan by adding two lemon juice and one teaspoon of cinnamon powder, grated lemon zest, nutmeg.
  • After mixing it thoroughly, make oats by adding 2 tbsp of brown sugar, ½ teaspoon of cinnamon powder.
  • Now take a baking pan and make the base with some oats mixer, apple mixer, and lastly pour all the oats mixer over it.
  • Finally, add 2 tbsp of butter into it and bake it around for 40 minutes at the 190 degrees C.

So, these healthy snacks for kids will make them happy and healthy as they are rich in various things.