Easy Breakfast Recipes – Healthy And Quick Recipes

With these easy breakfasts, recipes make your morning easy. Morning time is hectic for everyone because children have to go to school, and elders have to go to the office. For women, the morning time is hectic, because they also have to make breakfast for everyone. There are some easy breakfast recipes that you can make in a short time. All these easy breakfast recipes are healthy and quick. Have a look on some Healthy and Easy Breakfast Recipes

Easy Breakfast Recipes

Semolina – Easy Breakfast Recipes

Take a cup of semolina in a pot. Add half a cup of curd to it. Use half a cup of yogurt with semolina. Mix it well. Add little water to make it a little thin and mix it well. Cover it and leave it for 30 minutes so that the semolina swells well. After 30 minutes, the semolina will swell well. Add salt to taste or 1 tsp, mix well and add some water to it. Add ¼ cup water so that its consistency will be a bit thin. Then you add some vegetables to it whatever you like. Some of which may be onion, carrot, cabbage, French beans, capsicum. Coriander leaves, tomato, green chilies, greens peas, ginger, etc. your breakfast with vegetables will be healthy and will also look colorful.

Then you add half tsp red chili or green chili, half tsp garam masala, little half tsp soda, and a little turmeric. Then add some oil to the pan and heat it. After the oil is heated, add small mustard seeds and then add fresh cauliflower. Then you put the base you have made in it. After bake, it well, take it out on a plate. Then again, put oil in the pan and then add mustard seeds and then add some cauliflower and bake it the other side. You can eat it with catchup and green sauce.

Vegetable Upma – Easy Breakfast Recipes

First, boil three glasses of water in a pan and add carrot, green peas, and green beans and boil them well until soft. Then take it to the side, then take a pan and add 1 tsp ghee to it, then add some mustard seeds and 7to8 curry leaves, saute the curry leaves 10 seconds. Then add onion1/4 cup and fry till soft. Then add semolina ½ cups in it and add one green chili then fry 5-7 mints. Then add boiled vegetables in it and add salt according to taste and add some coriander leaves and let it cook until it thickens. Then your green Upma is ready to serve.

Besan Cheela

To make besan cheela, first of all, take 1 cup besan in a vessel. Add a little salt to it, add a little turmeric, add some garam masala and small chopped onion, chopped spinach leaves, coriander leaves, celery, and chopped green chili and mix it well by adding some water. Now apply some oil with a brush in a pan and spread this besan cheela paste well. Bake it well by turning it from both sides. Then your basan cheela is ready for serve.

Everyone wishes they had a beautiful and healthy breakfast in the morning. All the Easy breakfast recipes are given above; all is healthy and becomes quick. It would help if you tried these recipes once.

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