CHYAWANPRASH BENEFITS – A Powerful Respiratory Tonic

Chyawanprash Benefits

What Are Respiratory Issues?

The respiratory issues include allergies, asthma, itchy eyes, cough, difficulty in breathing, running nose, chronic bronchitis, pneumonia, sinusitis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and emphysema. These all issues can be solved by chyawanprash benefits.

What Are The Potential Causes Of Respiratory Problems?

  • Feeble immunity
  • Weak sustainability against certain smokes and air pollution
  • The unhealthy habit of Smoking
  • Low resistance power of lungs
  • Infection

What Is Chyavanprash?

India is a treasure of various herbs and shrubs that are capable to develop the inner strength of the body to stand against any disease. One such invention was done in the ancient era by the Ayurvedic masters to provide a one-stop solution for any physical problem. This invention is Chyawanprash. It is a blend of approximately 80 natural ingredients.

Chyawanprash Benefits

How Can Chyavanprash Benefits In Repairing The Respiratory System

The Respiratory system gets affected in every turning of the season. This is the door that welcomes various unhealthy particles present in the air into the body. The ingredients of Chyawanprash help to eradicate the problem from the root if consumed in proper proportion regularly. It is advisable to consume Chyawanprash one teaspoon twice a day 15 minutes before a meal. Here is the some Chyawanprash Benefits:


One of the major members of the Chyawanprash family is Gooseberry, which is the richest among the citrus fruits in vitamin C. Vitamin C boosts the immune system and protects the body against the viral flu, allergies, and the common respiratory hurdle – cold and cough. It also stops the repetition of the cold and provides complete relief.


Honey is the natural medicine to kill the infection spreading bacteria. It also clears and provides grease to the throat. Due to the constant coughing and sneezing rashes form on the inner walls of the throat and swelling occurs. The honey provides the lubricating effect and subsides the swelling in the throat. While passing the respiratory system as an ingredient in Chyawanprash, it wipes out the germs and starts the repair system of the respiratory system.


Vashiochan is made from bamboo stems. It is a blessing for human health. In medical terms, it is called Silicon Dioxide. It cures the shallow breath and Asthma. Without any antibiotic medicines, if a person suffering from asthma regularly intakes Chyawanprash, the disease will vanish completely.

Other ingredients take care of the respiratory system as a whole.

Chyawanprash repairs and rejuvenates the cells and tissues of the chest and lungs that make them ready to face the seasonal disorder. It not just strengthens the lungs but also releases the toxins that block the function of the lungs.

Today we find severe air pollution and dust in the environment. These are again, one of the major causes of infection in the respiratory tract. Intake of Chyawanprash on regular basis flushes out the impurities from the lungs and reenergizes the White Blood Cells.

Chyawanprash also contains Kapur that is a powerful element to cure the nasal hurdles such as running none, nasal congestion, irritation around the nostrils, asthma, and sinusitis.

When the immune system is bounced back to normal, it improves the entire respiratory system as it is a door to many diseases. Chyawanprash is the blessing from our ancient ayurvedic saints to the current generation and the generations to come. We hope now you are aware from chyawanprash benefits. If you like the post share with your family and friends.