Best Wifi Router For Home In India

Best Wifi Router

Is your wifi router not working correctly? Then it is time to shift from the worst router to the best wifi router. If the internet is not working correctly, then you will not be able to concentrate on your work. Although you are spending the extra amounts of bucks on network connectivity, yet you do not get the proper connectivity. So you should need the best wifi router.

This device will solve you all network issue. It offers the best network connectivity for a longer duration. Buying a router is not an easy task. You will have to consider numerous factors right from bandwidth to the area. In addition to it, when you search for the best wifi router, then you will get the multiple options. It raises confusion. Here is the list of best wifi router that will resolve all your issues.

Best Wifi Router

TP-Link Archer C6AC1200 – Best Wifi Router

From 1996 to present, TP-Link offers numerous services to its customers. Now they introduce the wifi router in the market at an affordable price. With the help of this, you can enjoy the live streaming, fruitful gaming experience as well as downloads too. It is best in security. It protects with the firewalls.


  • It has a bandwidth of 1200Mbps, 300Mbps at 2.4Ghz while a 5Ghz connection has 867 Mbps.
  • It offers a high speed of 867 Mbps and 300 Mbps.
  • You will not need to struggle for the installation. The management of this router is secure.

D- Link DIR-615

It is known for the high speed as well as unique repeater mode. With the help of repeater modes, you can easily extend the area of wireless networks. This device consists of four 10/100 LAN ports. You can also prefer this best wifi router.


  • It has a total bandwidth 300 Mbps at 2.4Ghz connection.
  • It has high connectivity strength due to its frequency.
  • For the security, it has two standards that are WPA as well as WPA2. It protects the device from external attacks via using SPI and NAT.

Netgear WNR614 N300 – Best Wifi Router

 It is one of the prominent brands for networking. This device will meet up with your expectations. In addition to it, it is easy to install and suits your budget too. It consists of two different antennas that are suitable for small or big houses.


  • It has the connectivity of 300 Mbps at the frequency of 2.4 GHz.
  • To operate it, you do not need any CD. You can easily access it with the WPS button.
  • It supports the SPI, NAT, Guest Network Access for the security of your connection.

iBall ib- WRB333N 300M

If you want the numerous features at the low cost, then prefer it. It offers high-speed connectivity as well as security. In this device, you will get the functionality of Repeater Mode. This will help to boost the system.


  • It is controlled easily as per the scheduling of day and night.
  • Its bandwidth is 300 Mbps at 2.4 GHz.
  • The universal repeater enhances signal strength.

Tenda N301 – Best Wifi Router

The wifi router of the Tenda is the best selling in the market. The reason is that it offers high-speed internet connectivity. With this device, you will not need to worry about security. It has the bandwidth of up to 300 Mbps at 2.4 GHz.


  • You can easily set this wifi router because it has guidance offered with it.
  • It has features of Client filter, block domain, Mac filter and many more.
  • It comes with a warranty of three years.

In the end, you can prefer one of the wi-fi as mentioned above routers. They all are best and have different features. If one has a client filter feature and another has a high-speed internet feature.