Best Time To Visit Andaman Islands

Best Time To Visit Andaman

When it is about visiting the island in India, then the only place, which comes into the mind is the Andaman Islands, but the thing is what is the Best Time To Visit Andaman. Most the travelers choose the wrong time to travel Andaman island, which harms their tour.

If you are seeking to travel at Andaman Island, then here in the post we will guide you the best regarding the best time to visit Andaman Island. This post is the best for those who are seeking to travel to this lovely place and a beautiful place.

Best Time To Visit Andaman

Best Time to Visit Andaman Islands

Andaman is the best traveling destination and it attracts travelers from India and abroad as well. When we talk about the temperature, then the temperature at this place is very pleasant. So, the right and the best time to visit this amazing place is from November to May. Monson is the worst time period to visit this place because during this time these places experience high tides and heavy rainfall.

Summers At The Andaman Islands

If you are seeking to visit this place during the summer season, then summer is the best time to explore this charming place. While you will visit this place you can see places like Clique Islands, Little Andaman, Diglipur, Clique Islands, Long Island, and many more places.

The temperature of this place during the summer season is from 24 degrees to 37 degrees

 As we have talked earlier, that summer is the most preferred season to visit this place. During this season, you can experience warm and pleasant weather and you can also enjoy all of the adventure activities which happen at this lovely place.

Water sports that you can enjoy at this place are scuba diving, paragliding, snorkeling, banana ride and many more. You can also eat your favorite items and drink your favorite drinks at the seashore. If you are looking for the best hotels at this place, then you can also find out various budget-friendly and secure hotels.

Visiting This Place During Monsoon Season

On the other hand, when we talk about the temperature during the monsoon season, then it ranges from 22 degrees to 35 degrees. At this time, you can also experience rainfall and high tides. When you want to experience the adventure activities, then they are not possible during this season. Even though, you cannot travel from one island to the other by the means of sea.

Conclusion For Best Time To Visit Andaman

We hope that the above information is very much helpful for you and now you are planning to visit Andaman island, then you will keep the above information in your mind. Make sure to tour more enjoyable, memorable and exciting while keeping the Best Time To Visit Andaman Islands in your mind.

Choosing Andaman island for traveling is not a bad idea, but not choosing the right time to visit this place is a bad idea. So, we hope you understood that visiting this place during the summer season is the best.