Best Self Defense Weapons For Womens

Self Defense Weapons
Self defense concept. Young woman was attacked by man in balaclava and is using pepper spray.

Self defense, almost every single girl should know about that. Self defense means protecting yourself. This is most important things for girls nowadays. Personal safety is the most important thing for any girl. Your personal safety is your priority in many cases, such as you are walking alone, going alone by car, stuck somewhere at unknown place alone, at this point personal safety is the most important thing. There are lots of safety rules but sometimes they can’t protect you fully. Chances you are not martial arts expert or kung fu master so, protect yourself from different attacks you need to go for Self Defense Weapons. Lots of women’s start believing in Self Defense Weapons and their trust towards these weapons are growing day by day. Earlier girls started using pepper spray guns and Stan guns for their safety, but nowadays there are lots of options are available in self defense weapons.

Self Defense Weapons

Here you will look at some effective Self Defense Weapons for women. Most of these weapons are very easy to use and easy to access and you don’t require any special training to use them, because everyone has the right to feel safe:

Pepper Spray

This is one of the best and proved self defense weapon for women. pepper spray is quite risky but if it is used properly, then it will be very effective.

Self Defense Keychain

This women’s self defense keychain is best when you are walking alone to the home. This weapon is best; deliver enough damage to the attacker in couple of minutes.

Small Knife

The small knife is enough to deliver serious damage to the attacker. There are lots of self defense knifes which you can place in your pockets, purses or even tucked in your tights pants also.

Tactical Pen

The striking tip of this tactical pen is a powerful weapon for a self defense. Tactical pen is a best weapon to stab someone.


This is one of the effective self defense weapon for women. This not only helps you in finding your way in the dark, but this flashlight can easily blind your attacker for couple of seconds and give you time to ran away from there.

Personal Alarms

They are not that effective as other tools but yes, the loud sound of the alarm is enough to grab the attention of the other peoples the area.

Having the right self defense products is very important. These tools not only save your life but provide you complete peace of mind. With these weapons you can easily go anywhere you want without any worry. Always check your states law before using any self defense weapons. Every state has their own kind of restriction on different products so search a little bit before buying anything.

Whichever weapon you are going to choose make sure it is convenient and comfortable to use.