Best Quit Smoking Tips Ever

Quit Smoking

Does it seem difficult to quit smoking? Here are some of the tested and effective methods to get rid of the habit. There are basically two areas from where you can attack on this habit – Practical and Mental


It is difficult to avoid smoking at initial stage. So using substitutes can prove to be beneficial.

Electric Cigarette

Electric cigarette is a virtual way of smoking. It gives you satisfaction of smoking and on the other hand does not harm your body. It also creates smoke that makes the user have the feel of real cigarette but, yes it is too harmful for environment.


NRT (Nicotine Replacement Therapy) is medically proven safe way to take nicotine. It is helpful in quitting smoking. It is available in the form of spray, inhaler, gum and patch. Any of these can be used as the substitute to smoking. It stimulates the mind and signals feeling of smoking, hence it protects the user form the harsh effects of smoking and leads to a smoke free life sooner or later.

Quit Smoking

Yoga & Pranayama

Performing Yoga every morning, heals your body from inside apart from other health benefits. Yoga activates your brain cells and tissues that brings up the level of positivity and eradicates the stress (the major reason to smoke). Pranayama takes care of your respiratory organs and nervous system. The tar stored in your lungs can be gradually removed though regular practice of Yoga and Pranayama.


The brain is the strongest organ in the entire body. If brain knows to spoil the habit and body, it also can do the vice-versa.


To adapt or quite any habit, strong determination and focus is required. Therefore, to quit smoking (though age old) can be put to an end with firm determination. Hence, it is the half battle won if your decision is stronger than your habit.

Note Down The Ill Effects Of Smoking

The smokers generally know the effect that smoking causes to their and their loved ones’ body. But by noting them down and sticking around the walls of your room can work wonders.  No one will desire to cause harm to their loved ones so by a repetitive reminder stuck everywhere, will gain them motivation to quite.

Group Of Non-Smokers and Friends

A person learns to smoke through his friends or colleagues. The smoker should develop a group or friends who do not smoke. Being in their company can turn out to be beneficial as they will not let this happen. Furthermore, such people always encourage the smoker not to smoke and feed him positive thoughts.

Attention Shift

Diverting your thoughts can be a little difficult, but it works. The craving for smoking lasts just for few couple of minutes. The war is just for that span. So diverting towards some constructive habit can be helpful in shifting your attention from the craving. When the mind gets indulged in some creative activity, such as painting, playing chess or other indoor games or playing or listening music, the focus form smoking will move towards these activities.