Best Movies To Watch on YouTube

Best Movies To Watch on YouTube

When it comes to streaming of online movies and if you are ready to pay to stream, YouTube has a huge collection of new movies to as compared to anyone. Although, it’s hard to find but it also has a deep selection of legal free movies. Here are the Best Movies To Watch on YouTube which are on public domain and are without any copyright.

Dances With Wolves

Directed by Kevin Costner in 1990, one of the most critically acclaimed and with seven academy awards, Dances with Wolves has been considered as the highest-grossing western of all time in last three decades. You can now catch the whole movie and experience it on YouTube. This is the story of a white male saviour, Kevin Costner plays Lt.John Dunbar is roped in as Union soldier who turned as part of the Lakota tribe. The movie shows his journey of how he fights with rivals and help them with the escape from Sioux territory.

Best Movies To Watch on YouTube

The Terminator

An American science fiction film directed by James Cameron in 1984 don’t need any description. Arnold Schwarzenegger play as the Terminator is the USP and this movie discovered the actor out of him like no other. An assassin sent back in from 2029 to 1984 to kill Sarah Connor, whose son will one day save the world from evil machines in future. So here comes A.I. known Skynet who sends the Terminator to protect her from the assassin. Watch it out for the love of Arnold.

Night Of The Living Dead

The film was directed by George A. Romero in 1968 was one of the best zombie’s film in this genre. The film took the credit as one of the best zombie movies ever made. The black and white cinematography is still looking great and story conventions are great. If you are a fan of horror movies then this is a must watch film.


This movie is effort of the great film makers who pushed their potential to the edge. The film was directed by F.W Murnau who came to Hollywood from Germany. He and his cameraman put great efforts to show the stunning a beautiful visual which were never captured before. Murnau used his camera to fly over the country’s fields, captured the busy life of city and his actors radiate with great energy.

These are the top movies which you can watch on Youtube, if you want to watch more movies Youtube offers many free movies streaming. Movies are great and fun way to entertain yourself so you can watch different movies from different genres.  If you are fan of Bollywood movies then there are plenty of movies which are available on Youtube free of cost.