Best Motivational Stories Of Cricketers

Motivational Story Of Cricketers

Cricket is not only a sports game, in India it is celebrated like a festival and cricketer like god. The life of many cricketers is talk of nation and many other try to keep it private. Their life looks perfect from the outside but still there are things which they go through weather at the starting or before the starting of their career. Let’s have a look on the best motivational stories of the cricketers.

Umesh Yadav

A famous Indian cricket team player and pacer Umesh Yadav had a very tough childhood. His father used to work in a coal mine and he was grown up in a village Valli where families of coal mine workers used to live. He used to play with the tennis ball because that was all he could afford. It was his friend who encouraged him to practice with leather ball and now here he is a prominent face of India cricket team.

Motivational Story Of Cricketers

Mohammad Shami

The journey of this cricket star is an inspiration for many. He was son of a farmer Tousif Ali, who himself was a fast bowler in his youth and identified the talent in his son. His father’s income was not that much but still he fight against all odds and moved to Kolkata to peruse his cricket dream. There he played matches for which he used to get rs 500 each match. Now he is a youth icon.

Ravindra Jadeja

The player was also known as “sir jadeja”. The journey of this star had a fairy-tail ending. His father was a security guard and his c=income was not enough to support the dream of a young cricketer but still their family managed to support him. Jadeja’s mother was a strong pillar in his life who supported her son, but in 2005 she passed away and that was the hardest time for him and he even tried to given up the cricketer but his father and sister provided him monetary and emotional support. In 2008 jadeja was the part of winning U-19 team as well as vice captain of the team. From there he did not turn behind and he is a star of cricket world.                 

Kedar Jadhav

This young talent fought against all the odds, he come from a small town of solapur district in Maharastra. His father worked as a clerk in Maharashtra electricity department and has three elder sisters. Jadhav was dropped out from school in 9th standard and started his practice. He used to play for Maharashtra ranji squad and after that he was selected in IPL t-20. And now he is a young sensation who has played 25 OID’s for India.

There are many more cricketers who have struggled in life and rose from there but in this article we have cover a few motivational stories of the cricketers . If you are feeling low as a sports player then remember the journey of these legends who have suffered and fought against all the odds still made their way to success.