Best Indian Punjabi Samosa Recipe

Samosa Recipe

Do you like cooking and always search the internet to explore the new dishes? Then, today we are here to introduce you with the Indian Punjabi Samosa recipe. If you do not know what Samosa is, well, Samosa is a potato-filled deep fried during the time of tea with snacks, which is extremely popular not only in India but also in the Middle East and across Asian countries. It is also considered that the Samosa recipe started in the Middle East but it was brought to India by the merchants and sea sailors.

In taste, Samosa is crispy, flaky, and spicy too, and to cut a long ode short. During the rainy seasons, restaurants appetizers, and Indian cuisines, the Samosa is most preferred to enjoy the time with the loved ones. Moreover, in India, you can find the Samosa everywhere as a portion of street food, party snacks, restaurants, and even that in the cafes. Instead of this, during the days of Ramadan that has great importance in the Muslim religion and those people have Samosa as an IFTAR SNACK. As people are very conscious of their health so they all try to avoid the friend snacks in restaurants and cafés.

Samosa Recipe

Indian Punjabi Samosa Recipe

But there we give the best Indian Punjabi Samosa recipe step by step so that you can enjoy this with your kids and relatives.

Ingredients For Samosa Recipe

For an authentic taste, you require special ingredients, such as Ajwain or carom seeds for the wrapper, and for stuffing, you need pomegranate seed powder. You can buy these ingredients easily from the market. Well, the benefit of using the Ajwain is that it gives very good taste to the taste buds that you never forget the taste of Samosa.

For the flaky wrapper, you keep this in your mind that the temperature of frying oil must be at 300 degrees Fahrenheit. And the Samosa should be bubbled right after dropped into oil after this, when it turns into the golden brown and perfectly become crispy, flaky then take them out.

Samosa is made up of the homemade dough along with the oil, salt, carom seeds. Moreover, you can also use the puff pastry to make the baked Samosa as they are tasty but not traditional.

Samosa Dough

Make the dough and there is no to keep kneading when it made. After some time, you have to knead to for 3-4 mins but keep in mind that does not over-knead it.

Wrapping The Samosas

In this step, you have to roll it neither too thin nor too thick, because the thin layers will beak the Samosa while frying.

Frying The Samosas

Now, it’s the time of frying. Now take the hot oil then start to drop down the Samosa into it for frying. After 30 to 40 seconds, you will see the bubbles, and then it is the right temperature. And when it turns into golden brown and the wrapper looks crispy, flaky then take the Samosa out from the oil. Now, do this constantly.

Serve Samosas

It is ready to serve. Now, serve the Samosa with the red sauce and green sauce. It is the perfect time to enjoy these moments with your family members.