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Well, getting a Free VPN For Windows is one of the channels which helps to secure the data and to transmit the information between the two locations through an encrypted tunnel so that no one can be able to read that information. As there is various type of elements that protect the private network of the company and outside network via remote users through it connects. There is a different sort of VPN for different users like for business users who use virtual private Dial-up networks etc. In the following paragraphs, there is a brief description of some free VPN to protect windows on pc.

 VPN For Windows In India

Globus Free VPN Brower

Globus Free VPN for Windows is coming first on the list of free VPNs. As it helps to remove all the difficulties related to online media consumption in the public regions. The installation of this program is free and easy to use. It always ensures the privacy of the web surfers as well as excess to lock the regional content. There are merits and demerits of everything so the cons of this program are that sometimes the display is unclear whenever try to secure the connection via it. This plan is also available for Window8.

Betternet Free VPN For Windows

As Betternet is the newest and free VPN for Windows so there is little information available about it. This is free so it is worth using it for a few days without paying for it. Betternet is the only plan which allows one to connect the other laptops, tablets while connected with this VPN. Besides this VPN doesn’t require any registration at the time of sign up. On the other hand, it works its job visually but when analyzed it seems to be dangerous for devices and doesn’t do well at all. Some of the recent studies disclosed that there is 38% of the VPN app contained malware but Betternet is different from all of them.

Hotspot Shield VPN

The first and the foremost reason to download the hotspot shield VPN is that it provides strong security so that one can keep their documents away from the prying eyes. It also acts as the underground tunnel to connect you with online social media which can easily convert the public network into a private network for web surfers. It always promises the users to give a fast speed network for uploading the programs which are ideal for P2P sharing. This VPN offers 15GB of data to the network surfers but some catches may put you off.

Cyber Ghost Secure Free VPN For Windows

The above VPN is one of the most trustful programs. This is famous not only in India but at the international level. With the help of it, one can shield their data from the prying eyes of authorities and hackers. Additionally, it hides Internet Protocol, protects the online identity, and secures bank transactions, etc. It is one of the only VPN which is currently working with the most sensational app NETFLIX and leak-free app for numerous users as well as well-known VPN in the country.

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