Best Cheesy Veg Sandwich Recipe for Kids

Sandwich Recipe

The sandwich recipe for kids is straightforward and easy, which you can quickly get ready within 15 minutes. The reason for this is it doesn’t need cooking, sautéing, or chopping for vegetables that mean they are used raw.

The cheese sandwich recipe is an all-time favorite snack of kids that they love to eat with excitement. When you have to cook something quick, then this sandwich recipe quickly comes to your mind. Moreover, all the ingredients used in the making of this sandwich are veg and top of that have high nutritional value. Like, cheese is very rich in iron, and all the vegetables used in it are also healthy and tasty. The best part is all age groups like it, and no doubt, they will appreciate it after eating.

So, through this post, you will come to know about how to make the best cheesy veg sandwich recipe for kids at home. With the help of a step-by-step procedure, you will quickly understand it and make it. let’s explore: –

Sandwich Recipe

Preparation time- 15 minutes

Cooking time-15 minutes

Total time- 30 minutes

Serving- can make five sandwiches

Ingredients To Make A Veg Sandwich Recipe

  1. Take at least 8-10 slices of bread
  2. Slices of cheese 5
  3. Butter for spreading and brushing around 6-7 tsp
  4. 4 tsp butter for cooking
  5. Boiled and mashed tomatoes 1½ cups
  6. Chopped onions 1
  7. Capsicum finely chopped 1
  8. Tomatoes 1 finely chopped
  9. Coriander leaves finely chopped 2 tbsp
  10. Green chilies at least 2
  11. Salt according to taste
  12. For serving tomato ketchup should be their

Method Of Preparing A Veg Cheesy Sandwich Recipe

  1. First, you have to mix all the stuffing like boiled tomatoes, green chilies, potatoes, etc in a bowl
  2. Now, spread the butter on every bread slice
  3. After that, you have to spread the stuffing on the butter bread slices
  4. Now, place the slice of cheese upon the filling and then cover it with another slice of bread
  5. Next, if you have an oven, then you can spread some butter on the top of the bread and heat them
  6. In addition to that, if you want to grill it on tawa, then heat the tawa on low flame.
  7. Spread butter on tawa and put the sandwich on it till it gets golden brown and crispy. Ensure that the flame must be very low
  8. Now, the cheesy veg sandwich is ready to serve with tomato ketchup.

Nutritional Value

  • Energy- 198 cal
  • Protein- 4.2g
  • Fiber-1g
  • Fat-6.7 g
  • Carbohydrates- 30.3 g
  • Zinc- 0.2 mg
  • Potassium-115.7 mg
  • Sodium- 68.2mg
  • Iron-0.8 mg
  • Magnesium- 0mg
  • Calcium- 27.8 mg
  • Vitamin- C- 21.7mg
  • Vitamin B2- 0 mg

Final Thought

After reading this sandwich recipe, you know how to make this cheesy veg sandwich at home. So, make it any time of the day and make your loved ones happy and make your relationship very strong and long-lasting.