Best Brands Of Slippers For Girls In India

Slippers For Girls

Girls customers normally prefer factors like good color, and designs as well as heels. Everyone follows the latest trend, and especially, girls who wear the same color footwear as of their dress. Whether they are going to market, college, or any party, they always keen to follow the fashion trend. In India, there are many brands for girls’ slippers in the market. The Price range varies from brand to brand. Some of the top brands offering the finest quality include catwalk, Hushpuppies, Bata, Liberty, Mochi, Skechers, and Metro, etc.

When we are in the market for shopping to buy slippers, first of all, we have to consider the comfort level of that product. And the other things that we all have to consider are the design, price, durability color, etc. We can also purchase our favorite slippers via online shopping at the best prices in India through Amazon, Myntra, Flipkart, etc. They come up with a collection of hundreds of  Shoes and slippers for girls. Coming from trusted sellers and famous brands, the wide collection of slippers for girls is in various colors and patterns to offer us an extensive variety.

Slippers For Girls


Bata India is the biggest maker and retailer of footwear in India and belongs to the Bata Shoe Organization. It was established in 1931 as Bata Shoe company private limited. Its slippers for girls come in various designs and are comfortable too. the prices of slippers are also not high.

Liberty – Slippers For Girls

Liberty shoes and slippers are on high demand in India due to their durability and designs. It has been in the business for more than 5 decades and is globally known. If girls want to give comfort to their feet, then it is the best choice. This brand operates in 25 countries including France, Germany, and Italy and has 150 distributors, at least 6000 multi-brand showrooms, and 400 exclusive outlets around the world.


Relaxo started operations during 1976 and officially became a company in 1984 and went public in 1995. It provides a wide range of fashionable and comfortable slippers for girls. Relaxo is one of the most reputed brands in the footwear industry.

Michael Kors – Slippers For Girls

This  brand is widely known for its bags, It is a custom designer for women’s footwear too. You will receive lot of attention and compliments from your friends. This one is the best choice for any special outing. you will get in different colors for this pair in the market as per your choice.


The slippers of Chanel are sleek and pretty. Girls like it the most. It is now one of the top brands in the market. Usually known for their fragrances and cosmetic products. You can surely keep your feet happy by choosing it.

Sketchers – Slippers For Girls

Sketcher is the world-renowned brand when it comes to sports and lifestyle footwear for both men and women. When you talk about reliability, durability and comfort level, this would be the name on every person’s mouth. So, you must get a pair of slippers if you have not yet.