Best Android App Development Tools To Use

Android App Development

If you study regarding android app development, the three top stores for downloading the app have these numbers; the famous Google play store has around 2.8 million users, followed by Apple and Microsoft Windows.

After considering these numbers, you imagine that android app development is a growing industry as new and advanced things come almost every day. With these development tools, you can search for anything and everything from scratch to big in a few seconds. 

Many of you are aware of some of the apps that are available, but not every. So, through this article, you will come to know about top android app development tools that can make your life easier: –

Android App Development

 Android SDK

This is the development kit for android users in which you can get a complete set of development and debugging tools. Android SDK has various modular packs that help in downloading with the help of an android SDK manager. This toolkit is inclusive of: –

  • SDK platform-tools
  • Android SDK resources
  • SDK tool
  • Google API


This platform is meant for creating games and applications for various mobile and desktops. With just a single code base, you can publish all your stuff on iPhone, Tablets, etc. Basically, Corona uses Lua as the scripting language, which is very powerful and easy to learn.

On the other hand, it offers a real-time preview of what actually any of the apps will look like.


In reality, Fabric is the android app development tool that helps the mobile app development team to build useful and secure navigating apps. The fabric has the capability to deliver complete, true performance and side by side health of the whole development team.

However, through this app, the team can get every activity of the client.

Unity 3D

Unity 3D is a game engine platform by which you can easily invent any type of game quickly. It is one of the best android app development tools from beginner to advanced user. However, it is full of advanced features through that developers can quickly learn how to make any game.


This android app development tool is used by recognized companies who are in the technical field. Like, Yahoo, PayPal, Lyft, BuzzFeed, etc just for beta testing and reporting bug. During the debugging process, Instabug helps the developers to share various screenshots and any type of errors.

To attain this, you can sign up for the free trial and go for paid one according to the length of the project.

Unreal engine

In the world of game development, Unreal Engine is another android app development tool to produce high-level interactive games. This Unreal engine is free, open-source, and most essentially cross-platform solution.

It has a blueprint system that helps the game developers to use coding in the limit. The developer who has minimum coding experience can use this app easily.

Final thought

In reality, there are thousands of android app development tools for developers to make their work easy and effective. I hope you like this article!