Benefits of Microsoft OneNote

Microsoft OneNote

Microsoft OneNote has a great impression on many since it was introduced in 2003. It is an application that is used to collect the information in many digital formats, from handwritten notes, typed notes, images, audio clips, videos and screen clips. An individual can access the information from various departments. The software has developed and now you can collaborate the information and share it with others as well as can take real-time notes. Here is top benefits of Microsoft OneNote.

Access your notes from various devices

Microsoft OneNote helps you to keep your data like notes, idea, thoughts research and plans at one place. Placing your data at one place does not mean you have to carry your device in which you store your data. You can simply access your data from anywhere and by using any device. The application is available for Windows computers, iPhones, Android phones, Windows phones, and many other devices.

Microsoft OneNote

Easy to share information

If you wish to share the information with your colleague then it is really easy to share the information with them even if they did not install program on their device, they can still see it. Microsoft OneNote becomes really handy during meetings.  You can share the files by selecting “view only” mode or “edit mode”.

Automatic Save your information

It has that feature to automatically saving your information. In Microsoft OneNote, you don’t need to save the information while working on it.

Support notes with multimedia

The software has the ability to save the notes with other multimedia information like images and video which one can do in Microsoft Word. These features help professionals to create a great document for the meetings. It also recognises the spoken words so you can search using recordings what you are exactly searching.

Microsoft OneNote is Free

The biggest benefit of Microsoft OneNote is that it is available free. One can simply download it from the app store and install in their respective devices. Premium features are restricted and one can use basic features in the free version. Its premium version is also available which you can download and get the access of all the features.

Organise and Use when required

Onenote is not only a note-taking application, you can save everything in it which you find interesting and important. You can create a simple to-do list with it to organise your business client’s information or save a plan for your next trip.

You can save anything which you finds important in an organised manner and use them when these notes or information is required.

Make a student’s life easy

To the busy students who are not using OneNote, this is your life saviour. It will save you lots of time by organising your notes as per your class and topic. It is excellent for the students to meet their requirements from homework to notes, lecture notes to reviews, assignments and many more.

If you wish to publish your notes on your website then you can directly post them through OneNote.