Basic Self Defense Tips All Women Should Know

Self Defense Tips
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Being a woman is not easy to walk down alone in the streets at night. You need lot of gut before taking step out. While going alone in night you may fear of someone following you, staking or even worse. There you might need a self defence to protect yourself. Self defence it equally important for both man and woman but woman are more vulnerable to the sexual and physical assault. You can also use some self defence weapons. Here are few Self Defense Tips to protect you.

Give A Straight Punch

If you have identified the threat then you can give him a straight punch. You punch must have a great force on the vulnerable area of the threat like his eye, nose, mouth or throat. By punching on these areas you can hurt him more in just one punch and can run.

Self Defense Tips

Groin Kick

If your attacker is attacking you from front then a groin kick is powerful enough to make your escape possible. This is similar to the straight punch but instead of focusing on the face you need to focus on the lower body part of the attacker. Drive your kick forward and knee bend, heel back, then extend you leg to make the powerful move. This kick will give you enough time to run from there.

Bear Hug Defence

If your attacker attacks you from behind then how you could defend yourself. This is one of the most common attacks which male attacker does on females. If someone attacks you from behind then the best defence is to drop as low as possible to the ground and twist the body side to side. Lower your body’s gravity and make it difficult for the attacker to control you. By doing that you may get an angle to strike their groin, face, eye or any other delicate body part.

Choke Defence

It could be difficult to escape from the attacker if your attacker is choking you. In this situation you might try to pull their hand off of your neck, instead of doing that try to pluck their thumb. You will be getting a little relief from choking and it will difficult for them to choke you. Pluck the thumb of your attackers fast as you might lose oxygen within 2-3 seconds.

Knee Strike

A knee strike is the best defence. If you have an enough distance then you can kick your attacker. If the threat is a little far then you can make a strong move to the groin, face, nose of the threat and escape from there.

Knocked Down

If you are knocked down to the ground then don’t panic. This is the case when women are assaulted; if this happens any time then make sure to pull put their nose, eyes, lips and ear. It will give them enough pain which will lose their grip.

So here are the tips to escape from the assaulter, stalker or any threat. Practice these Self Defense Tips and you can run from there.