Ayurvedic Strategies For A Stress Free Winter

Ayurvedic Strategies

Why Health Problems Do People Face During Winter?

The seasonal shift itself causes cough and cold to many people. But other than these people also face problems such as Asthma, Allergies, Arthritis, Frostbite, Dryness, and Constipation. Ayurvedic Strategies For Making This Winter Comfortable

Feed The Energies To Your Body This Winter

Feed your body what is needed and in what quaintly. According to the time of the day, the meal should be taken. This winter, plan your meals, as it is believed that whatever is consumed in winter provides strength for the rest of the year. To fight against the common problems of winter include fiber, vitamin C, and protein whereas for lunch proper portions of minerals and vitamins should be taken. The dinner should be just the pint of all, a light and digestive.

According to the Ayurveda, including certain ingredients work wonders for health: 

-Add Turmeric to your meal while cooking as it exfoliates the body from within and increases the immunity.

– Curry Leaves:- These leaves work as germs killers and keep your body away for the infection of cough and cold.

Indian spices have health relevance and hence welcoming them in the meal will prove beneficial against the ill effects of winter.

Ayurvedic Strategies

Prepare Your Drinks Before Winter

During winter we tend to have less intake of water which is why various problems such as constipation and Dryness in the body take place. Invite your morning with fresh fruit juice and night with hot turmeric milk added with Cloves and Cinnamon. Turmeric is an effective ingredient for Arthritis and Allergies. During the day make detox water. There are different combinations of detox water where you include fruits, vegetables, and some leaves. Don’t forget to add the Curry and Basil leaves to the water. This water fights against the diseases and improves the metabolism of the body.

Protect Your Skin With Healthy Moisturisers

Winter brings chilly winds that kidnap moisture form your body. To moisturize your body and keep it away from Dryness apply the combination of coconut oil, clove, and moisturizing cream. The cracks in the skin are the open door for the germs to enter the body so this winter, be prepared to fight against them. This is the best Ayurvedic Strategies for dry skin.

No More Running Nose Issues This Winter

To keep away from Asthma and allergies, inhale Kapur. In Ayurvedic Strategies the blend of Kapur, Clove, Basil leaves and Cinnamon is used to preparing balm for winter. Another option to keep ready at home is the Eucalyptus Oil. A few drops in handkerchief will give you warmth and relief.

Ayurvedic Bath

As the winter starts, bring some changes in your bathroom and give some time to you. Put some Kapur in a corner that will add warm fragrance which will release your fatigue and releases the stress that makes your head feel lighter. Add a few drops of Eucalypti oil in the warm water to bath with this will take care of your running nose or mild headache.

Warm Aroma At Night

Light an oil lamp in your room with a small platform on the top. Place a few cubes of Kapur and clove on the platform. With the heat of the flame, these will get the heat and will fill your room with a cozy aroma and will remove the cold and viral illness. This winter from the starting, practice doing this to keep your family away from the winter viruses. In the end, before going to bed have one spoon of a mixture of honey, and a pint of Cinnamon and Turmeric, this small proportion will keep you away from Allergies, Arthritis, and seasonal disorders.