Ayurvedic Care For Women At Any Age

Ayurvedic Care

There are certain physical problems which are common among the women of every age bar. But the Ayurvedic Care has the answer to these problems. Let us have a look at some of the health issues and the remedies the Ayurvedic Care has in store.


The level of stress in escalating not only in adult women but it can be seen sprouting among the teens as well. The study burden, the pressure to stay in the competition, performance at the workplace, and above all, standing up to the expectations and requirement of the family have made the body of woman weak from within.

The stress in lady (irrespective of age) is more dangerous than in men. They not just pull the health down but leave a devastating effect on the period cycle.

Ayurvedic Care
Masseur doing massage on female shoulder in the beauty salon

Regular meditation is a slow but permanent solution to this problem. Another system of Ayurvedic Care called Panchakarma is another method to eradicate the clouds of stress and bring life and energy back into the body. Panchakarma is a practice where the body is massaged with different oils that distress the muscles of the brain and the rest of the body. Apart from this, regular exercise and Pranayama help to detune your mind and energy. These methods are gainful for the female of every age form teen to above 80.


This has become a trending issue among adolescents as the consumption of fast food is increasing and the exercise excluded from the routine. Even during and after the pregnancy among the ages 30 to 40, women find it difficult to lose their weight. Even the hormones play their role in bulging the body.

The books of Ayurveda have an answer for all age group. Drinking a luck warm water with lemon and honey added to it is the best solution to cut down the bad fat and increase immunity. It also makes your skin glow. Including green vegetables and sprouts take care of fulfilling the needed minerals, fibbers and vitamins in the body, keeping the body in balanced shape.


The teenage group of girls has started to take less intake of diet having calcium in them. This results in brittle bones at an early age of 30s. After 30 years of age, the body tends to lose and generates less calcium. Calcium deficiency affects pregnancy very intensively. The women who are under the category of senior citizens are also the victims of this deficiency as the early precautions were not taken.

Intake of dairy items such as milk, cheese, paneer, and curd is rich in Calcium and can restructure the bones at any age. Apart from having these included in your diet, you can also massage your legs and hands and other joints with Walnut oil, Olive oil or even Avocado oil. They provide a lubricating effect to your joints and add grease to the bones and joints. This helps to make the movement strong and removes the pain.

Menstrual and Acne

The problem of menstrual, cramps, constipation and acne go hand in hand. The menstrual cycle makes hormonal changes and increases the heat in the body. This results in the formation of acne and constipation. All three are connected.

This problem can be seen in the young girls and the ladies around the 50s. The young girls who are in the initial years of their period should apply luck warm clove oil over the abdomen and should keep hot water bag.

PCOD is seen to have become a common problem among the ladies in their 30s and 40s. The best ayurvedic remedy for this is Aloe Vera. Consuming Aloe Vera juice or consuming it raw has magnanimous effects on the body.

During menopause, one should cultivate the habit of doing light exercise in the morning and drinking warm turmeric milk at night.