8 Best WordPress Security Plugins To Protect Site

Wordpress Security Plugins

It is the undeniable fact that cybercrime is increasing, but WordPress security plugins helps you to protect your site. It is a secure platform. The hackers hack every third site. Even hackers always attack the small as well as unprotected sites. The small websites are the most natural target for hackers.

They stole the data from the hacked websites and misused it. Sometimes, it may harm or disgrace your website. Therefore, use the WordPress security plugins to enhance the security of the sites. Here is the list of best WordPress security plugins.

Wordpress Security Plugins


It is trusted, famous as well as fruitful for small business websites. It has numerous features like security, performance optimization tools, and many more. These features help in the protection of websites. In addition to this, jetpack provides security from auto-updates downtime, attacks. The function of site management makes it unique.

iThemes Security – Best WordPress Security Plugins

The iThemes is one of the best WordPress Security plugins. It offers the security keys as well as two-step authentications. It also protects your websites from the brute force attack and finds the approximate 404 hidden errors, alerts. So that you will be aware of your website whether your website is out-of-date or not.


It has the power as well as a secure firewall that helps in blocking the requests as well as brute force attacks. It keeps your website safe with the two-factor authentication system. Moreover, suppress scans the data. If it is necessary to change the password, then it makes some changes.

BulletProof Security – Best WordPress Security Plugins

Its advanced security feature makes it unique. In this plugin, Malware Scanner will help in scanning the file as well as codes. Apart from it, it notifies you about changes in WordPress by the electronic mail. It has a tool related to data backup. So, if you lost the data, you can recover it.

All-In-One WP Security And Firewall

The informative dashboard of this plugin always displays all the essential things. With the help of the security points grading system, it keeps your website secure. The feature of translatable makes it different from all the plugins.

VaultPress – Best WordPress Security Plugins

Due to its anti-spam tool, it protects sites from spam comments. Moreover, VaultPress verifies your whole website and informs you about the unusual activities. It offers the facility of thirty-day backup. You can restore the data in the case you lost.

Sucuri Security

It has the paid as well as free version. It is up to you which version you choose. With the help of this plugin, you will get the immediate notification if something will be going wrong. If you choose the paid version, then you will get numerous options, such as advanced DDoS protection.

Wordfence Security – Best WordPress Security Plugins

This plugin has the feature of recovery tool, manual blocking, threat defense, and robust security. It is beneficial for small websites because of the free solutions. You can also choose this plugin for your website.

In the end, these security plugins provide all the aspects as well as features for the protection, either you can select a free version or paid version.