7 Ways To Have Fun Without Money On Weekend

Fun Without Money On Weekend

Weekends are the only thing, that we wait for a long time since after the start of the week. Weekends are loaded with the great fun, excitement and pleasure. We always want to make our weekend more special, but sometimes due the problem of money we cannot be able to enjoy our weekend especially during the last days of the month. But do you know that there are several ways by which you can make fun without money on weekend.

Today, in this post we will discuss the best ways to have fun without money on weekend. So, just have a look below to have more information on this.

Go Outside

When you are having no money, then you can go for a ride at nearby places. While going out you can enjoy a lot of activities outside. You can also let your friends to enjoy along with you. You can also expose yourself in the sunlight and get natural source of vitamin D. Going out will help you in reducing stress as well.

Fun Without Money On Weekend

Read Books

Reading is loaded with the great fun and we are sure that you cannot get the time to read books during the weekdays. And the weekends are the right time to read books. You can read books either online or offline to have a great entertainment in your life.


You can visit to the nearby museum to have a new pleasure of entertainment. While you will visit to the museum, you will get to learn a lot of things related to the history and arts. Going to the nearby museum is completely free of cost and if you not having money then this the best thing to enjoy.

Search For The Treasure

You can search for the new and trending things in your nearby areas. You can get the information related to it from the internet. You can also search the items that are selling at a rapid rate in your nearby area, you will not need to purchase any of the things. But in case, if you will need to purchase such things but you can have idea about the things.

Go Bird Watching

If you love watching nature, then bird watching can be the best choice for you. This will be your new hobby and you can easily do this amazing activity without spending anything on that. You can also click images of that and doing so will be very much interesting for you. You can enjoy this activity along with your friends as well.

Watch Movie Indoor

You can also watch a movie indoor as well. You will not need to pay for anything for watching movie. You can also invite your favorite friends for watching movies along with you.

Be A Volunteer

There are a lot of organization in your area with whom you can enjoy the volunteering. You can be the part of the non-profit organization and feed food to those who are needy.